Xiaomi leads 5G Android smartphone market in Q2 2021 with almost 26% market share

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Xiaomi has been on a roll this year and has been reaching new heights in terms of business and growth. The company recently became the world’s leading smartphone brand for the month of June 2021, marking the first time Xiaomi is leading charts globally.

Now, a new report from Strategy Analytics claims that Xiaomi was the world’s leading 5G Android smartphone manufacturer in the second quarter of this year, i.e. Q2 2021, capturing almost 26 percent of the market share.

The report adds that a total of 95 million 5G Android smartphones were shipped globally in Q2 2021 and among those, about 24 million units were shipped by Xiaomi, making in the leader of the market in this segment for the said time duration.

Over the past nine quarters, Xiaomi cumulatively shipped 70 million 5G smartphones, placing it close behind the South Korean giant Samsung which managed to ship 77 million units in the same timeframe.

Huawei, the Chinese technology giant remains cumulative 5G Android smartphone leader with shipments of 95 million units globally over the past nine quarters. However, the company is quickly losing its grip because of the US-imposed sanctions. This is opened doors for other manufacturers, including OPPO, Vivo, Honor, Realme, and more.

Android 5G Shipments Q2 2021

Lenovo (including Motorola) is the leader when it comes to 5G smartphone growth as the company’s shipments witnessed a growth of 3480% annually in Q2 2021, with shipments of 1.8 million units for the quarter.

Realme ranked second in annual growth, up 1773% year-to-year in Q2 2021 on volumes of 5.6 million, while OnePlus was placed third in growth with shipment volumes improving 877% annually in the quarter. Honor has also posted impressive numbers of 6.5 million 5G smartphone shipments that too within just two quarters given that it began selling 5G smartphones mid-way through the first quarter of this year.

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