World’s largest auto parts supplier moves to support the industry’s transition to EVs

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worlds largest auto parts supplier moves to support the industrys transition to evs

Bosch, the world’s largest auto parts supplier, revealed a series of new solutions to support the auto industry’s transition to electric. The German manufacturing giant seems to be lightening up to the idea of EVs as the future of mobility.

Since its beginnings in 1886, Bosch has grown to become the largest auto parts supplier, known for its quality and reliability.

Being in business for over 135 years, Bosch has been through several industry trends. However, the German manufacturing giant, like much of the auto industry, was initially hesitant about electric vehicles.

Despite early investments in EV battery technology, such as buying solid-state battery startup Seeo Inc in 2017, Bosch failed to follow through and gain an early lead.

The company was even considering plans to invest in 200 GWh of battery cell production capacity by 2030 but later escaped it, missing a massive opportunity to expand its market position.

Consumers have spoken with electric vehicles gaining market share in all major markets (US, Europe, China, etc.). They want EVs. Meanwhile, being the world’s largest auto part supplier means you cater to what automakers are buying.

Bosch, being the savvy business that it is, has adapted wisely, introducing several critical components for EVs, such as electric powertrains, charging solutions, and electrical drives. The company announced at the Detroit Auto show it will be taking a step further into the EV industry.

Bosch reveals electric vehicle solutions at Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto show didn’t disappoint this year, with automakers from around the globe showing off their new electric vehicles and technology for a sustainable future.

Bosch joined in as executive vice president of the company’s Mobility Solutions division claimed its presence at the NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show):

Highlights the vast number of ways we work together with our customers and across the industry to help future mobility concepts become reality.

The auto supplier gave us a glimpse at its new technology to support electrification in the auto industry, including its:

  • Advanced Driving Module – Bosch’s EV platform combines steering, brakes, and propulsion into one module for more straightforward electric vehicle development.
  • eAxle city – A compact housing unit for the electric motor, inverter, and transmission for smaller EVs. Its power components utilize superior silicon carbide semiconductor technology to save energy and enhance efficiency.
  • eAxle performance – Enables higher performance with scalable voltage levels of 400V and 800V.

With the new portfolio of electric products, it seems Bosch is changing its stance as Thomas states:

OEMs must show that electrified trucks and SUVs will retain the same performance characteristics customers demand including ride & handling – on and off-road, torque, towing, range and maintenance costs.

Before adding:

No other company can match Bosch for the diversity of our electromobility portfolio that enables our customers to deliver vehicles consumers demand.

In addition, Bosch is giving demos of its new electric solutions at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab, a test site for new mobility solutions created by Ford, Bosch, the State of Michigan, and Bedrock.

Source: electrek

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