Windows 11 24H2 adds new privacy settings to manage AI features

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Microsoft adds new privacy settings to manage Generative AI in Windows 11

Windows 11 24H2, this year’s biggest update, has been in the works for quite some time. In the past, Microsoft has experimented with new settings like the “AI component updates” to help you manage updates for AI features. Recently, Microsoft added a new Generative AI sub-page in the Privacy & security settings.

Windows Latest spotted new privacy settings for AI features in Windows 11 Build 26236.5000. The new Generative AI option appears under the App Permission settings. Clicking on it redirects you to a new page with multiple options.

The first option, “Generative AI access,” lets you select whether apps can use Generative AI on your PC. The second option, “Let Apps use generative AI,” permits apps to use AI features.

new generative ai privacy settings in windows 11 canary
New generative AI page in Windows 11 | Image Courtesy:

As shown in the above screenshot, the Windows Settings says you can choose which apps can use the feature, which seems to suggest all the supported apps will be listed below this option with individual toggles to control them.

If you disable the first option, the second option will automatically turn off because the apps cannot use Generative AI.

Microsoft researcher PhantomOcean3 also discovered a third setting that doesn’t appear after installing this new build. Instead, you must use the third-party tool Vive to add the feature to the Settings app.

The third option is titled “Recent activity” and lists all the Generative AI requests made by the PC in the last seven days. All these three settings aren’t permanent, and Microsoft could modify, club, or move them to other sections of the Settings app.

AI Component updates in Windows 11
AI Component updates in Windows 11

As mentioned at the outset, Microsoft is also adding “AI Component updates” page to the Settings app. This lets you view installed updates, and roll back the changes that you don’t like.

There are a few more feature upgrades shipping with this Canary build, including the new account manager in the Start menu and Microsoft Store improvements.

Account Manager in the Start menu

In Windows 11 Build 26236.5000, the profile icon now displays a brief overview of your Microsoft account, associated services, and some advertisements. Clicking on any option redirects you to the Account page in the Settings app.

new account manager in windows 11

However, this change shifts the Lock option to the Power menu while the switch user and sign-out options are hidden behind the drop-down list.

Previously, a Managed Devices section also appeared in the Settings app, listing all the devices connected to your Microsoft account.

Linked Devices settings in Windows 11 Build 22631 3672
Linked Devices settings in Windows 11 Build 22631.3672 | Image Courtesy:

Microsoft Store is now faster. You can easily make payments and earn Microsoft Rewards points for each purchase. You can use the accumulated points for a gift card during checkout and get discounts.

Build 26236.5000 with all these features is rolling out to testers in the Canary channel.

Source: windowslatest

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