Watch Tesla Model S Plaid with Track Mode do hot laps on Nürburgring racetrack

by 9SIX

Tesla is currently in Germany testing its Model S Plaid and attempting to break some records on a notoriously difficult track.

You can watch Tesla take some hot laps with the Model S Plaid on the Nürburgring racetrack below.

After Porsche brought its brand-new Taycan electric car to the Nürburgring racetrack to break a record in 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to use the famous proving grounds for the electric automaker’s own latest performance vehicle.

Tesla started testing early Model S Plaid prototypes at the track and achieved some impressive lap times.

The vehicle was delayed, and it didn’t launch until two years later.

Now that the production version of the Model S Plaid is on the market, Tesla is bringing back the Plaid to the Nürburgring racetrack.

We reported last week that Tesla was spotted testing its Model S Plaid at the track and even got involved in a little crash.

Now we’ve got some footage of the Model S Plaid doing hot laps at the Nürburgring racetrack, thanks to CarSpyMedia on YouTube:

Interestingly, unlike previous Model S Plaid prototypes that Tesla tested on racetracks, it doesn’t appear to feature any significant race modification.

But we know that Tesla has been working on some racetrack-specific features, like Track Mode.

The software allows tracking of the status of your car motors, battery, brakes and tires, and allows you to customize settings to your racing preferences.

It also even includes maps of some famous racetracks, like Nürburgring, and tracks progress on the track in real time, like a racing video game.

With the Model S Plaid being Tesla’s new top performance vehicle achieving 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 2 seconds and a quarter-mile run in just 9 seconds, Tesla is expected to expand its racing product to the new vehicle.

While the automaker has clearly run into some issues in its most recent testing sessions in Nürburgring, we expect that the company will announce some lap time soon.

Tesla has previously aimed for an impressive 7:05 time at the famously difficult racetrack.

Source: electrek

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