Want to use PROPER camera lenses on your phone? Check this out

Years after Olympus and Sony tried it, SwitchLens is the latest way to use real camera lenses with your smartphone. Third time's a charm?

by 9SIX
Want To Use Proper Camera Lenses On Your Phone Check This Out

Ever wished that your phone could take better pictures? Maybe by using real camera lenses? Then you may be interested in SwitchLens – a new crowdfunding campaign that promises to “turn any smartphone into a professional camera”.

The way it does this is by enabling you to use Micro Four Thirds lenses when shooting with your phone. However, the lenses don’t mount directly to your phone; they mount to an external camera unit, which contains its own image sensor (either Micro Four Thirds or 1-inch), and connects to your handset to give you the power of a larger sensor and proper optical lenses.

Header Cell – Column 0 Sony Type 1 sensor Micro Four Thirds sensor
Megapixels (total) 20.75MP 21.46MP
Resolution 20.75MP 20.89MP
Sensor model IMX283 IMX472
ISO 100-12800 (exp 50-25600) 100-12800 (exp 50-25600)
White balance 2600-8600k 2600-8600k
Shutter speed 10 sec – 1/1800 sec 10 sec – 1/1800 sec
Row 6 – Cell 0 Row 6 – Cell 1 Row 6 – Cell 2
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