Volta Unveils Production Zero Electric Truck Two Years After Concept

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Volta Trucks has unveiled the production-ready Volta Zero, marketed as the world’s first purpose-built all-electric 16 tonne commercial vehicle.

The finished truck bears an obvious resemblance to the original demonstrator vehicle first showcased in October 2019 but Volta says all of the vehicle’s body panels have been redesigned and updated. Among the key changes made include the removal of the front LED light bar and the replacement of the diagonal interface between the cab and the cargo box with a vertical line.

Some minor interior changes have also been made with the light leather of the original demonstrator replaced with charcoal-colored leather. The teak wooden flooring has also been replaced with hard-wearing rubber matting.

Volta says the Zero is the world’s first purpose-built full-electric 16 tonne commercial vehicle, specifically created for inner-city logistics

Volta Trucks plans to begin production of the first 25 Design Verification prototypes soon and will embark on a testing regime with them starting in early 2022. These tests will initially be conducted by Volta engineers before customers have the opportunity to sample the prototypes and have their input. Construction of production-ready vehicles should begin by the end of next year.

“When the Volta Zero was revealed in September 2020, there were some who thought that its revolutionary, world-first design and packaging was just for show, and could never be built for production,” Volta Trucks chief production officer Ian Collins said in a statement. “We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but our constant motivation was the opportunity that a completely reimagined truck had to improve both the safety of drivers, and those vulnerable road users around large trucks operating in city centers.”

The Volta Zero truck will be manufactured by Steyr Automotive in Steyr, Austria.

Volta Trucks concept

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