Volkswagen’s electrification push means the end for the manual transmission

by 9SIX

For decades, the manual transmission has been an integral part of many Volkswagen models. In the past, buyers could get a manual transmission on VWs more mundane sedans as well as its sports cars. The manual transmission was already on the way out before the push for electrification with the advent of DSG gearboxes in recent years that were more fuel-efficient and offered better performance.

Despite improved fuel efficiency and performance, many enthusiasts still preferred the manual transmission for models like the GTI. VW is now phasing out the manual transmission, with a report out of Germany claiming the first model to lose the availability of a manual transmission will be the third generation of the VW Tiguan starting in 2023.

In the same model year, the Passat will also eliminate the manual transmission option. According to the report, there will be other models that will no longer be available with a manual transmission in Europe, the US, and China. Starting in 2030, no Volkswagen vehicles will be available with a manual transmission.

The complete elimination of manual transmissions comes as part of the electrification goals of the company. Volkswagen has previously confirmed it will only sell electric vehicles in Europe by 2030. While we’ve seen some aftermarket companies build electric vehicles that use a manual transmission, major manufacturers do not.

Traditionally, many people chose a manual transmission for cost savings and more driving engagement. As the manual became a less popular option, many manufacturers are eliminating it altogether. Mercedes previously announced it would eliminate manual transmissions. Some automakers, particularly those who manufacture sports cars, such as Porsche, Ford, and Chevrolet, among others, continue to offer a manual option.

Source: slashgear

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