Volcon’s US-built electric UTV gets manufacturing boost ahead of 2022 production

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America’s only all-electric offroad powersports company Volcon is preparing to roll out its first side-by-side Stag UTV next year. That prospect is looking even rosier after signing on Martin Technologies, a design firm and automotive industry expert that works with brands like Jeep, Dodge, Ford, GM, Nissan, and Toyota.

The Volcon Stag is the first of two UTVs originally announced by the Austin-based electric powersports company all the way back in 2020.

The company was formed barely a year ago and made a splash during its debut by announcing three upcoming vehicles. Volcon said it had plans for an off-road electric motorcycle as well as two different sizes of electric UTVs.

While a brand-new startup promising to deliver first-of-their-kind vehicles on such a short timeframe might have raised eyebrows, Volcon has already proven it can deliver… by literally delivering. Its first electric motorcycles have already begun shipments to customers as the company doubles down on development of its Stag electric UTV.

The Stag is due out next year, and that timeline just got new support from Volcon’s agreement with Martin Technologies. The design firm has over three decades of experience in automotive manufacturing and is now developing the Stag alongside Volcon.

As Martin Technologies chairman and CEO Harold Martin explained:

“This is our chance to work with Volcon, the only 100% electric off-road brand to create the greatest UTV ever built. We feel the Stag’s market is the perfect place to prove the toughness and reliability of our EV technologies and Smart Wiring Systems, and we look forward to working with Volcon to help them build what we believe will become best-in-class off-road fully electric UTVs.”

The Volcon Stag is expected to come in a two-seater and four-seater variant, depending on the configuration. It will also be available with either two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive options.

Powered by an 80 kW motor, the Volcon Stag should be plenty brawny for most outdoor adventures. Its maximum range of 150 miles (241 km) should keep those adventures going all day.

Multiple battery capacities are in the works though, with the largest of 69 kWh likely being the only one that could come close to achieving that maximum range spec.

Two other options of 23 kWh and 46 kWh should help reduce the price of the Stag while still offering enough capacity for local day rides.

The Volcon Stag is expected to compete in a small but growing electric UTV market. Polaris has its own electric UTV coming out next month, the reworked and all-new Electric RANGER. It will be the first electric vehicle produced as a partnership between Polaris and Zero Motorcycles.

While the Volcon Stag is expected to be ready at some point in 2022, the larger Volcon Beast won’t roll out until the end of 2023 at the earliest.

The burlier 160 kW motor will offer twice the peak power of the Stag thanks to a pair of motors.

The power figures for both the Stag and Beast are around half the numbers originally touted by Volcon over a year ago, but likely represent more realistic figures that the company is more confident it can meet.

With the Stag’s deadline coming up in just 15 months, most of Volcon’s efforts appear to be focused on this first of its two UTVs.

And the Martin Technologies partnership is likely to give a significant boost to that production planning.

There’s a lot of work to be done to turn renderings into a fully functional UTV, but the company recently indicated on Twitter that the first Stag prototype is nearly complete. With any luck, we may just be seeing this animal sooner than we expected.

Source: electrek

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