ViewSonic Reveals ELITE Gaming Monitor Lineup with NVIDIA Reflex Technology

by 9SIX

ViewSonic, unveils ELITE professional gaming monitors armed with the latest NVIDIA Reflex and G-Sync technology. Delivering maximized latency improvements for high-velocity, graphics-intensive games, ELITE’s XG251G and XG271QG monitors also boast precise, competitive frames-per-second (FPS), highest refresh rate of 360 Hz, and industry-leading 1 ms (GTG) response time.

Outgun rivals with ultra-high shot accuracy and bleeding-edge responsiveness on ViewSonic ELITE’s professional gaming monitors – the ELITE XG251G is the first 24.5″ ELITE monitor with the highest refresh rate of 360Hz, and 27″ ELITE XG271QG unlocks buttery-smooth gameplay with 240Hz. Integrated with NVIDIA Reflex and G-Sync capabilities, both displays are paired with blistering-fast refresh rates and hyper-quick response time for seamless kills and exact click-timing action. Gamers can also gaze upon alien jungles and sweeping landscapes in true-to-life color from 99% Adobe color coverage and brightness of 400 nits.

The NVIDIA Reflex ecosystem is engineered to reduce latency and input lag to give gamers higher aiming precision, more accurate hit registration, and faster tactical advantage. System latency is the time it takes for an action on an additional peripheral, such as a mouse or keyboard, to happen onscreen in real-time. In gaming where responsiveness and accuracy are key to winning a battle, a delay in movement or unregistered shots will result in major defeat.

The technology features Reflex Latency Analyser which captures end-to-end system latency and delivers a precise reading of CPU and GPU performance, allowing gamers to register every click in millisecond accuracy and achieve the desired peeker’s advantage with ease. The optional Low Latency Boost lets the GPU overclock without affecting the picture quality, so gamers can crank up performance settings and still enjoy cinematic visuals at the same time.

Drawn from gamers’ insights, these monitors are geared with intuitive ELITE Design Enhancements (EDE) to elevate the gaming desk setup. The minute details such as mood-enhancing ambient RGB light, friction-free mouse anchor, and reinforced clutter-free headphones hook will banish any distractions for a truly immersive gaming experience. Equipped with full ergonomic features, gamers can tilt, swivel, and adjust the screen’s height to their comfort and focus on ruling the arena.

ViewSonic ELITE XG251G Specifications

  • 24.5″ FHD VESA DisplayHDR 400 IPS Non-Glare display
  • True-to-life colors from 99% Adobe Color Gamut
  • Highest refresh rate of 360Hz and 1 ms (GTG) response time
  • NVIDIA Reflex and G-Sync technology
  • TUV-Certified Eye Comfort
  • Ultimate connectivity with HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB ports
  • Ergonomic features and ELITE Design Enhancements (EDE)

ViewSonic ELITE XG271QG Specifications

  • 27″ QHD VESA DisplayHDR 400 IPS display
  • Brilliant, vibrant imagery from 99% Adobe Color Gamut
  • Lightning-fast refresh rate of 240Hz and 1 ms (GTG) response time
  • NVIDIA Reflex and G-Sync technology
  • Ergonomic features and ELITE Design Enhancements (EDE)


ViewSonic ELITE XG251G and ELITE XG271QG monitors will be available worldwide in Q3, 2021.

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