Vanderhall’s Electric Brawley Off-Roader Priced From $35,000, But You Can’t Use It On The Road

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Vanderhall, a company most of us recognize for its Carmel and Venice three-wheelers, has revealed pricing and more detailed specifications for its new model, the Brawley. The non-street-legal, off-road-focused EV starts at $34,950 excluding destination and preparation charges, with the company already accepting reservations for the 2022 Model Year.

Vanderhall’s first off-roader was teased back in 2020, initially named Navarro. Earlier this year, the Utah-based vehicle manufacturer properly introduced it giving it the Brawley name. Besides the pricing announcement, Vanderhall also published a series of new digitally created images of the model.

Vanderhall Brawley 2

The Brawley measures 147.5 inches (3.75 m) long, 76 inches (1.93 m) wide, and 69.5 inches (1.76 m) tall, with a wheelbase of 112.5 inches (2.86 m). The design reminds of a futuristic Jeep Wrangler mixed with the Warthog from the Halo game. The virtually non-existent overhangs in combination with the massive 35-inch tires, 22-inch suspension travel, and 18-inch (0.46 m) ground clearance allow the Brawley to excel in off-road environments.

The four electric motors produce a combined 404 hp (410 PS / 301 kW) and 480 lb-ft (651 Nm) of torque in the flagship variant make it possible for the wheels to move independently in any direction. Thus, the driver has access to eCrab, eSteer, eTank, and eCrawl low-speed off-road modes, similar to those offered by the GMC Hummer and Rivian R1T electric pickups.

Vanderhall Brawley 3In terms of battery, the company will offer 40 kWh and 60 kWh modules with an advanced battery conditioning system that “extends cold weather range and increases battery lifecycle”. The company claims the Brawley will offer an estimated range of up to 200 miles (322 km). Using a DC fast charger, the battery will recover 80% of its energy in under an hour.

As you would expect from an off-roader the cabin is pretty basic but looks nice thanks to the four individual seats, the leather upholstery, the large glass surfaces for maximum viewing angles, and the minimal dashboard with analog instruments. There is also a glove box, heater, air-conditioning, heated seats, optional sky roof, and a Bluetooth Kicker sound system. Don’t expect any airbags since this is not a street-legal vehicle, although Vanderhall mentions future ViDAR system capabilities.

Vanderhall Brawley 6

Vanderhall Brawley 4

Vanderhall Brawley 5

For anyone interested, Vanhedhall is accepting reservations for the Brawley, with $100 deposits.

Source: carscoops

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