US customers who buy a 2022 BMW EV will get two years of free 30-minute charging from Electrify America

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Us Customers Who Buy A 2022 Bmw Ev Will Get Two Years Of Free 30 Minute Charging From Electrify America

Charging network Electrify America has just announced a collaboration with BMW North America to offer free 30-minute charging sessions to new BMW drivers for two years from the date of their purchase. The complimentary charging will begin in March to kick off US sales of two new EV models from BMW – the iX and i4.

BMW is a name consumers recognize around the globe. With over 105 years of experience in vehicle manufacturing, much of its history has tailored to an “ultimate driving machine,” powered by combustion.

However, BMW dipped its toe in electrification began in 2013 when series production of the i3 commenced. Last June, BMW released pricing and specs for two US versions of its upcoming i4 EV sedan. This new model will be joined by the BMW iX SUV, which is currently available for pre-order.

The i4 began deliveries overseas last fall, and while it has shifted its focus to a (more) electrified future, BMW is not abandoning its ICE models yet. In fact, it still plans to have 50% of its models rely on combustion through 2030. That being said, it has outlined plans to lower the emissions through the entire life cycle of its combustion vehicles.

With sales of the i4 and iX set to begin in the US in March, BMW has announced a major benefit its customers will be able to take advantage of – free charging from Electrify America, the largest DC Fast Charging (DCFC) network in the US.

BMw i4 charging Electrify America

New BMW owners top get two years of free charging

The North American charging network announced the collaboration in a press release, alongside further details of the free charging terms for new BMW EV customers.

The program will officially begin with the sales of the BMW iX xDrive50, BMW i4 eDrive40 and BMW i4 M50 in the US. According to Electrify America, the free charging will come at no extra cost to 2022 BMW EV customers, who will immediately have access to the network’s 3,000 US chargers. Electrify America’s president and CEO, Giovanni Palazzo spoke to the collaboration:

This is a very exciting time as more drivers are turning to e-mobility for their transportation needs to travel around town and across the country. Our coast-to-coast network of ultra-fast chargers is growing every week with more charging stations which are ready to welcome new owners of electric vehicles from BMW. We are delighted to collaborate with such a prestigious automotive brand.

The press release shared that BMW EV owners will be able to utilize free Electrify America chargers to charge between 90-108 miles in as quickly as 10 minutes, depending on charge speeds (150-350 kW).

2022 BMW EV customers will immediately be able to locate and access free, 30-minute charging sessions by using in-car navigation, the myBMWapp or the Electrify America app. The complimentary charging is good for two years and will begin from the purchase date of any of the new 2022 BMW EV models.

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