Thundertruck Is A Wild EV Concept With Solar ‘Bat Wings’ Created By An Ad Agency

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Thundertruck Is A Wild Ev Concept With Solar Bat Wings Created By An Ad Agency 1

A creative advertising agency by the name of Wolfgang LA has just unveiled a wild electric off-roader dubbed the Thundertruck and actually wants to make it a production reality.

The Thundertruck has been a side project of Wolfgang LA co-founders Colin Jeffery and Mike Geiger for the past two years and has been created with the help of various automotive veterans, including engineers, designers, and sculptors.

Technical specifications about the truck haven’t been announced but speaking with Fast Company, Jeffery said the electric platform has allowed it to create an eye-catching, bold design unlike any other truck on the market.

Wolfgang Thundertruck 1ab

“With an EV drive train, a truck doesn’t have to look like a truck, we just have this preconceived idea of what a truck should look like,” Jeffery explained. “But it’s really not a great use of space, from a design standpoint. So we said, ok hang on, let’s throw out all the baggage our industry has from a design perspective, and start from the ground up. We put it together to be a modern, purposefully designed EV multi-purpose vehicle, versus a regular truck that happens to be an EV.”

The first thing that catches the eye with the Thundertruck is its intriguing shape that makes even the Tesla Cybertruck seem restrained. There are virtually no front or rear overhangs and there is also no traditional hood with the windshield stretching right to the front of the truck. Elsewhere, the Thundertruck has been imagined with LED headlights and sits on a set of off-road wheels and tires.

Other key design highlights of the vehicle include the flared wheel arches, the unique positioning of the doors, and the two solar awnings that can open up. The Thundertruck could also be offered as a 6×6.

Wolfgang LA says it has spoken with technology companies, potential production partners, and investors about the project and if the truck ever reaches the production line, it could start at around $70,000.

Wolfgang Thundertruck 6

Wolfgang Thundertruck 4

Wolfgang Thundertruck 2

Source: carscoops

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