The new Jeep Avenger electric SUV arrives in 2023

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the new jeep avenger electric suv arrives in 2023

As part of a long-term plan to become the world’s leading electric SUV brand, the Jeep brand announced a detailed plan for the next generation of 4xe electric vehicles. By the end of 2025, the goal is to sell four fully electric SUVs in North America and Europe. As part of an entire product plan already in place, sales of the Jeep brand in the United States will be planned for by 2030. 50% by fully electric cars, and by that time, 100% of the vehicles sold in Europe will be fully electric. Stellantis set goals in its long-term strategic plan, Dare Forward 2030, to eliminate net carbon dioxide emissions.

“Encouraged by the success of our electrified 4xe portfolio in North America and Europe, we are designing and developing the best-performing and most environmentally friendly Jeep SUVs ever. This is part of our plan to become the world’s leading zero-emission SUV brand. It is a plan for the future to ensure that millions of Jeep fans worldwide will still have a planet to explore, take care of, and protect. Electricity is great for our brand because it makes it more effective, attractive, environmentally friendly, and fun.”

The Jeep brand has released the first pictures of two all-electric SUVs, the new Jeep Recon and the new Jeep Wagoneer, codenamed Wagoneer S. These SUVs will be sold in North America and other parts of the world.

Jeep has also confirmed that the new, fully electric Jeep Avenger will be released in Europe next year.

Jeep Avenger electric SUV 02

Jeep Recon electric SUV 04

Jeep Recon electric SUV 01

Jeep Recon electric SUV 02

Jeep Wagoneer S electric SUV 01

Jeep Wagoneer S electric SUV 02

Building on the success of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) in the United States, and the Grand Cherokee 4xe, which was just released, the brand is making a wide range of electric products that are designed to improve its performance.

The electrification plan will also make the Wagoneer lineup bigger. The brand will offer a new Wagoneer all-electric in the premium midsize SUV segment. In the large SUV segment, Wagoneer models will have powertrains designed for an estimated 500-mile range in the combined cycle.

By 2030, the Jeep brand will have a full line of new battery electric vehicles (BEVs), making it the leader in the SUV industry in terms of numbers, market share, and sales volume. As a result, 50% of the Jeep brand’s sales in the United States will be fully electric vehicles.

The Jeep Recon will be one of North America’s first fully electric SUVs. This new car is made for people who like to go to remote places in almost total silence in a strong, fully electric vehicle. The Jeep Recon was made from the start to be 100% Jeep 4×4 and 100% emission-free. This SUV will only be available as a BEV, making it easier to go off-road. The Jeep Recon electric SUV will be shown to the public next year, and production will start in North America in 2024.

In 2023, Europe will get the first-ever all-electric Jeep SUV, the new Jeep Avenger.

In places like France and Germany, the Jeep brand has already made a significant change by offering only electric SUVs. By the end of this year, almost all European markets will offer only electric SUVs from the Jeep brand.

Jeep Avenger electric SUV 03

Jeep Avenger electric SUV 04

Jeep Avenger electric SUV 05

Jeep Avenger electric SUV 06

Jeep Recon electric SUV 03

Jeep Recon electric SUV 05

Jeep Wagoneer S electric SUV 03

Jeep Wagoneer S electric SUV 04

The plan announced builds on the success of these 4xe SUV vehicles to create a portfolio of high-performance, fully electric cars explicitly designed for Europe. By 2025, the brand will introduce four zero-emission vehicles in Europe, with services in key volume segments. As a result, all Jeep vehicles sold in the region will be 100% electric by 2030.

The new, fully electric Jeep Avenger, a small SUV, is the first model in this product offensive. It was shown off earlier this year as part of Stellantis’ long-term strategic plan, Dare Forward.

The new Jeep Avenger will be positioned below the Jeep Renegade. The Jeep Avenger electric SUV will be sold in Europe and other places like Japan and South Korea. It will be made at the Tychy plant in Poland.

The goal for this new SUV’s electric range is 400 kilometers. The Jeep Avenger electric SUV will have good ground clearance, bump and attack angles for its class, and a modern, technologically advanced interior with plenty of room for passengers and luggage.

Jeep continues to grow its 4×4 lineup worldwide, using technology and electrification to improve its legendary 4×4 capability. The current plan focuses mainly on North America and Europe, but plans for the other regions will be made public later.

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