The new Giaguaro V1S and Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycles from Soriano

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the-new-giaguaro-v s-and-giaguaro-v r-electric-motorcycles-from-soriano

The new Soriano electric motorcycles are produced in Italy. The electric motorcycle’s ergonomics and general design have been analyzed and realized by combining the highest scientific requirements to maximize functionality and relative interchangeability. The first electric motorcycles manufactured in the Soriano plants (Italy) will be the Giaguaro V1S and the Giaguaro V1R.

The fluid and harmonious lines of the Soriano electric bikes reference the elegance and exclusivity that have defined the Soriano family’s heritage. The carbon and abs structural systems leave no room for imagination, displaying the vehicle’s supporting structure and propulsion system. The designers’ pencils have drawn something unique, nothing like what is available on the market. The big and essential core body is lightened by a minimalist tail that accentuates the vehicle’s aggression and earns its name: Jaguar (EN) = Giaguaro (IT).

The new Giaguaro V1S and Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycles are one-of-a-kind bikes that mix the past’s dignity with futuristic and out-of-the-ordinary technological options. The complex design is practical and useable due to the structure and components’ ergonomics.



The new Giaguaro V1S and Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycles are built around a perimeter frame in steel tubes. This solution is necessary to obtain the best relationship between costs and performance. With steel, it was possible to create a reduced structure, compared to a component in boxed aluminum, while obtaining the same torsional rigidity with lower costs.

Soriano Motori has designed two different front suspension solutions for the Giaguaro electric motorcycles: the V1S features a functioning and tested up-side-down telescopic fork; the Giaguaro V1R, on the other hand, will have a unique and distinctive parallelogram system. We find an aluminum swingarm machined with CNC technology for both electric motorcycles inculcated to the frame. The structure, smooth on the outside and with the classic internal ribbing due to the emptying of excess material, is bolted to a single shock absorber with variable progression (120 mm).

Not one but two electric engines are housed inside the Giaguaro’s chassis: a transversal unit perpendicular to the vehicle’s axis, reminiscent of the boxer arrangement used on vehicles with endothermic propulsion. The drive system was entirely conceived by Soriano Motori and was built in partnership with Moog.


The two electric engines use brushless technology. The brushless system avoids rotational contacts and does not cause friction, boosting the unit’s overall resilience and dependability. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the ensuing advantages are numerous:

  • The efficiency is greater.
  • The lower inertias improve dynamic performances as well as heat dissipation.
  • Maintenance interventions are reduced.
  • Overall dimensions are reduced with the same power.

The new Giaguaro V1S electric motorcycle has 60 kW, and the V1R has 72 kW. The torque value is identical for both models: 155 Nm. The Giaguaro electric motorcycle is powered by a complicated modular system that includes unique technology that may be used for any other form of an electric vehicle. The electric engines are liquid-cooled.


The new Giaguaro electric motorcycles are outfitted with a new type of battery that has high-density lithium-ion cells and great energy capacity. Even though the entire weight of the batteries is about a third of the overall weight of the vehicle, Soriano engineers opted to put the accumulators on top of the two engines. The autonomy of the Giaguaro in mixed usage is around 180 kilometers for both models. With the 3.5 kW power charger, it takes 5 hours to recharge the entire battery. With a 20 kW charger, it is possible to refuel in less than 20 minutes.

An electric motorcycle with a gearbox and clutch? Yes! The Giaguaro V1S and Giaguaro V1R have a five-speed transmission with reverse gear to help navigate from a stop and neutral gear, which is essential on an electric vehicle for obvious safety reasons. The gearbox is aided by a hydraulic clutch in an oil bath, allowing the power provided by the two electric engines to be managed with exceptional ease.

Thanks to the software developed by Soriano Motori, calibrated and in symbiosis with the synchronous work of the gearbox, clutch, and the two engines, it is possible to obtain a distribution of performance and, therefore, use very similar to vehicles with endothermic engines. All of this leads to more autonomy and the added benefit of maximizing the vehicle’s dynamic movement and the resulting driving enjoyment.


The Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycle is priced at 32,500 euros, while the Giaguaro V1S stands at 25,000 euros.

Giaguaro V1S and Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycles

Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycle

Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycle

Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycle

Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycle

Giaguaro V1S and Giaguaro V1R electric motorcycles

We also talked about the electric motorcycles from Soriano last year. Back then, electric motorcycles were only in the concept stage, but now it’s about actual production. @via

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