The full Google Play Store is already up and running on Windows 11

by 9SIX

After Microsoft announced that Android apps would be natively supported in Windows 11, it was only a matter of time before the Google Play Store was enabled on the OS. As it turns out, that time was just a couple of weeks, as a clever workaround has already enabled the functionality.

A UX student who goes by ADeltaX on YouTube posted a tutorial this week which goes over the process of installing the Google Play Store on Windows 11. This, in turn, opens up the ability to use Google apps and virtually any app available in the Play Store on a PC.

The process here takes around 30 minutes to complete, according to The Verge, and requires the use of tools such as the Windows Subsystem for Linux, Ubuntu, and a few files hosted on Github. Once everything is going, the Play Store seems to run without any problems, much like it does on Chromebooks.

By default, Windows 11’s Android app integration uses the Amazon Appstore instead of the Google Play Store, which puts a limit not only on what apps can be installed but also the ability to use apps that require Google services. While a hacky workaround isn’t going to be ideal for everyone, it’s a nice option to have.


It’s important to remember, though, that Android app support in Windows 11 is currently limited to testers and won’t be available to the general public for a while. Hopefully, this method will continue working until the functionality is widely available.

Source: 9to5google

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