The cheapest and most expensive countries to purchase a Tesla Model 3

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A new study out of the UK has detailed the countries around the world where EVs are the cheapest and most expensive to purchase – in this particular case, a Tesla Model 3. While this particular data set pertains to one specific EV, it can offer a broader perspective on how the costs of EVs vary depending on which country you live in.

The Tesla Model 3

As the most affordable EV in the Tesla’s current lineup, the Model 3 has become the best-selling electric vehicle in the world to date and has helped make its creator the company to beat to the EV market around the globe.

For these reasons, its no wonder the study’s authors chose to review and compare prices for the Model 3 in countries around the world.

The cheapest and most expensive countries to buy a Tesla

The study outlining EV prices by country, sorted from cheapest to most expensive, was conducted by out of the UK. In addition to EVs, the study also compares global prices of SUVs, hatchbacks, and sports cars.That being said, we’re only going to focus on the EV aspect of the study because … well, this is Electrek after all.

If you’re curious however, you can check out the full detailed study from


For each category, chose a vehicle that is widely available for sale around the world. The team then sourced list prices for that model by visiting the manufacturer’s (Tesla) local website for each country it is sold in. You can view the study’s full list of sources here.

For the Tesla Model 3, the study focused on the cheapest available model and used the list price as shown on Tesla’s website for each country.

*Note – These prices include taxes and any potential grants per that country’s policies. They are up to date at the time of the study but as many of us know, Tesla’s EV prices fluctuate quite often, as do exchange rates between the US, EU, and UK, but you should be able to get the picture. Here are the results.

10 countries where it’s cheapest to buy a Tesla Model 3

Topping the list of countries where it’s cheapest to purchase a Tesla Model 3 is Macau on the southern coast of China. Renowned for its giant casinos, Macau is the global spot to hit the jackpot on the cheapest Tesla Model 3 price in the world.

Macau is followed by its neighbor China in second place, and Romania just a couple hundred US dollars more in third place. The United States and its unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico round out the top 10, running about $46,500 for a brand new Model 3.

Rank Country Local Currency $ USD € EUR £ GBP
1 Macau MOP 321,200 $40,282 €35,577 £29,739
2 China RMB¥265,652 $41,653 €36,696 £30,676
3 Romania €36,837 $41,814 €36,837 £30,790
4 Japan JP¥4,890,000 $42,287 €37,252 £31,142
5 France €37,800 $42,907 €37,800 £31,595
6 Norway 384,232 NOkr $43,440 €38,270 £31,991
7 Switzerland CHF40,980 $44,570 €39,268 £32,823
8 Iceland ISK kr5,837,335 $45,310 €39,918 £33,373
9 Puerto Rico $46,490 $46,490 €40,637 £34,357
10 United States $46,490 $46,490 €40,637 £34,357

Tesla Model 3 Hero

10 countries where it’s most expensive to buy a Tesla Model 3

You’ve seen the cheapest countries to visit for a Tesla purchase, now here are the countries that will require you to dig the deepest into your pockets for a Model 3.

Number one by a huge margin is Singapore. At nearly $83,500 for the cheapest version of the Tesla Model 3, Singapore consumers are paying more than double what their Macau neighbors to the north are. Singapore might be able to get a better deal on a Vinfast EV, considering the Vietnam manufacturer is closer.

Israel comes in as the country selling the second most expensive Tesla EVs, followed by Sweden whose consumers may soon be shifting their focus on Tesla to other EV automakers like NIO. Sweden is also interesting to see in the top 10 most expensive along with Denmark in the number five spot, because its neighbor Norway’s Model 3s are currently the sixth cheapest.

Any Scandinavians down for an EV purchase roadtrip if it saves you $20,000?

Rank Country Local Currency $ USD € EUR £ GBP
1 Singapore S$113,245 $83,489 €73,554 £61,486
2 Israel ₪201,332 $64,629 €56,938 £47,596
3 Sweden 569,170 SEK kr $62,773 €55,310 £46,229
4 Czech Republic 1,350,400 Kč $62,672 €55,214 £46,157
5 Denmark 409,990 DKK kr $62,562 €55,117 £46,074
6 Luxembourg €52,970 $60,126 €52,970 £44,274
7 Portugal €52,885 $60,030 €52,885 £44,203
8 Taiwan NT$1,654,900 $59,800 €52,685 £44,040
9 Netherlands €51,970 $58,991 €51,970 £43,438
10 United Kingdom £42,990 $58,379 €51,431 £42,990

There you have it – you can see how your country stacks up in terms of Tesla Model 3 prices and use the list as a loose litmus test to see what you and your fellow citizens might be paying for an EV compared to folks in your neighboring countries.

Source: electrek

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