Tesla vehicles are being added to Uber’s scheme to accelerate electrification of its London fleet

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Tesla vehicles are being added to Uber’s new scheme to accelerate the electrification of its London fleet through “a clean air fee.”

Uber has introduced a “clean air fee” that adds 3 pence (4 cents) to every mile of a passenger trip in the London area.

It has already collected over £135 million ($184 million) from the scheme and used the money to offer discounted Kia and Nissan electric vehicles to its drivers.

The scheme has been successful, with over 4,000 Uber drivers taking up the offer.

Today, Uber announced that it’s adding Tesla to the program. It will offer the electric automaker’s vehicles to its drivers for a discounted rate using the clean air fee.

The new agreement comes after Uber announced separately that it partnered with Hertz to offer 50,000 Tesla Model 3 vehicles for rent to its drivers.

It’s Uber’s latest effort to accelerate the electrification of its fleet, which has become an important part of the global transportation system.

In 2020, the company announced a $800 million investment to push for electrification.

We noted that the plan wasn’t really ambitious since they were aiming for all-electric by 2040.

However, since the announcement, we have been seeing more electrification moves from them.

On top of all the latest announcements about getting Uber drivers in Tesla vehicles, the company partnered with Arrival to design an EV specifically for ride-share drivers earlier this year.

Source: electrek

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