Tesla unveils its latest Megapack project powered by Autobidder

by 9SIX

Tesla has released new images of its latest Megapack project and said that it is powered by its Autobidder software.

It has been two years since Tesla launched the Megapack, its largest stationary energy storage product, and it has quickly become the leader in utility-scale energy storage projects.

A single Megapack unit is a container-size 3 MWh battery system with integrated modules, inverters, and thermal systems.

With the bigger size and integrated power electronics, Tesla claims that the Megapack is 60% more energy-dense than its Powerpack.

It also comes onsite ready to install and can ship in containers.

The battery system quickly became extremely popular to deploy large-scale energy storage projects, like a battery project replacing a gas peaker in Ventura County and a huge 1 GWh project in Northern California.

Now Tesla is expanding the deployment to other markets, and yesterday it unveiled new images of its latest project in the UK:

It’s a real-time trading and control platform for energy assets, like Tesla’s Powerpacks, Powerwalls, and Megapacks, optimized through machine learning to better use and more directly monetize the assets.

As of earlier this year, Tesla Autobidder now has over 1.2 GWh of energy storage under management.

Over the last few months, Tesla has been quickly adding to that total.

We also recently reported on the company starting to hire energy traders to use the Autobidder platform.

Tesla is also quickly ramping up its energy storage deployment in the UK. After recently completing this project in Contego, the company already started work on an even bigger Megapack project in Essex that will have a 99MW/198MWh capacity.

Source: electrek

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