Tesla (TSLA) produces record number of EVs at Gigafactory Shanghai, mostly exports

by 9SIX

Tesla produced a record number of electric vehicles out of Gigafactory Shanghai last month. Interestingly, they were again mostly for exportation outside of China. As we reported last month, Tesla turned Gigafactory Shanghai into its new “export hub,” which was previously Fremont Factory.

Now, the automaker is exporting Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to European and APAC markets from the factory in China.

In July, Tesla had an output of 32,968 vehicles at Gigafactory Shanghai, and over 20,000 of those were exported.

Today, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) released August numbers, and Tesla produced 44,264 electric vehicles out of Gigafactory Shanghai based on registration data.

The CPCA also says 31,379 of those electric vehicles were exported outside of China.

That’s a 34% increase from the previous month.

As for Chinese sales, it’s a 32% increase versus the second month of the previous quarter, which is a better comparison since Tesla changes its export/sales mix depending on how deep it is into the quarter.

This month, which is the last one of the third quarter, Tesla is expected to focus on production for local demand since it can be delivered quicker.

As we reported earlier this week, CEO Elon Musk said that “this is the craziest month of deliveries Tesla will ever have.”

This is also likely going to be the case in China, where the automaker could potentially deliver over 40,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in September.

However, Tesla admitted that it is having supply chain issues, and it is being affected by the global chip shortage.

These issues could slow Tesla down this quarter as they try to achieve a new delivery record after delivering 201,304 electric vehicles (also a record) in Q2 2021.

As usual, the Chinese market is going to be critical for Tesla to achieve its goals and stay the biggest EV automaker in the world.

Source: electrek

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