Tesla (TSLA) becomes best-selling brand in Norway as the country hits new electric vehicle records

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Tesla Tsla Becomes Best Selling Brand In Norway As The Country Hits New Electric Vehicle Records

Tesla has become the best-selling brand in Norway for the whole year of 2021 despite having only two models available on the market, which helped the country hit again new electric vehicle records. Norway has been the leading market for electric vehicles in terms of adoption per capita.

As many markets are introducing plans to “ban” gas-powered cars by 2030, 2035, and even later, Norway is aiming for each new car on the road to be all-electric by 2025, and it’s on pace to achieve that early.

The results this year have been nothing short of stunning, with the December numbers released today being no exception and showing us the whole year.

64.5% of all cars sold in Norway in 2021 were all-electric – up 10 points from last year:

Passenger cars Number in December 2021 Market share in December 2021 Market share in December 2020 Market share throughout 2021 Market share throughout 2020
Only petrol engine 686 3.3% 2.7% 4.2% 8.0%
Only diesel engine 720 3.5% 4.8% 4.0% 8.6%
Hybrids all 5 358 26.1% 25.8% 27.2% 29.1%
Electric cars 13 793 67.1% 66.7% 64.5% 54.3%

As you can see, sales of vehicles with internal combustion engines (petrol and diesel) have slowed to a crawl with only 4% market shares each.

If you look at the top 10 best-selling vehicles in the market in 2021, you will only find all-electric vehicles except for the Toyota RAV4:

Tesla Model 3 is leading by a wide margin and the brand also has the Model Y in 4th place with over 8,000 units delivered in 2021.

It was enough to make Tesla the best-selling car brand in the country in 2021:

That’s despite not delivering any Model S and Model X in the market and the Model Y coming later in the year. Other electric vehicles also added significant volumes, like the VW ID.4 electric SUV, the Volvo XC40, and the Mustang Mach-E.

Source: electrek

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