Tesla to supply full energy ecosystem in new homes in luxury community

by 9SIX

Tesla is going to supply its full energy ecosystem with solar, batteries, and EV chargers, to new homes in a new luxury community being built in Florida.

Over the last few months, Electrek noted two important trends with Tesla Energy.

The automaker started to provide its full energy ecosystem with solar panels, Powerwall home battery packs, and electric vehicle chargers to third-party installers to offer the “full Tesla Energy ecosystem.”

The other trend is that Tesla started making more deals with new home builders to install their energy products directly in new projects instead of retrofitting them on existing homes.

Tesla recently signed deals for large products in Porter, Texas, and Austin.

Today, we learned about another, similar deal, and this time it’s in Palm Beach, Florida.

Centaur US Holdings is working with golfer and golf course designer Jack Nicklaus to build a new course in Palm Beach, and they are building a luxury home community around it.

They are planning to build 218 homes designed by Miami-based architectural firm Strang Design known for their modern designs.

Last month, they announced that the project called Panther National is partnering with Tesla to provide solar panels, Powerwalls, and wall connectors to those 200+ homes:

Tesla Solar Panels, Powerwall+ with an integrated inverter and Tesla Wall Connectors will work together as a cohesive system to enable residences to achieve energy independence. The flat roof design at Panther National coupled with the Florida sun provides the ideal landscape for Tesla’s proprietary solar panels. In addition, the Powerwall+ systems will replace outdated and noisy generators used in storm-prone areas.

The construction of the project is expected to start toward the end of the year.

It marks the third new home community project for Tesla Energy announced over the last two months.

This new strategy has the opportunity to greatly accelerate the deployment of Tesla Energy products.

Solar installations on home projects offer less complexity than retrofits on existing homes, and teams can be deployed in neighborhoods to do one home after the other.

Source: electrek

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