Tesla releases new software update to enable Sirius XM and immersive sound in new Model S

by 9SIX

Tesla has started pushing a new software update that enables Sirius XM and “immersive sound” in the new Model S. While Tesla started delivering the new Model S with a refreshed interior and a new powertrain in June, the automaker hadn’t completed the software just yet.

For example, the vehicles were sold with Sirius XM compatibility, but it wasn’t enabled.

This week, Tesla started pushing a new software update (2021.32.10) to new Model S vehicles, enabling Sirius XM connectivity.

Tesla wrote in the release notes:

“You can now access Sirius XM from the Media source selector with a Sirius XM subscription.”

Furthermore, the update also includes improvements to Tesla’s “Immersive Sound” system.

With the updated version of the Model S, Tesla introduced a new audio system:

“A 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system offers the best listening experience at home or on the road, and new microphones enable active noise canceling.”

Now Tesla is enabling better settings for the audio system:

“Immersive Sound now has additional granularity along with an AUTO setting which will adjust based on the type of content playing. To access, tap Media > Audio Settings > Immersive Sound > AUTO. Additionally, you can now adjust your subwoofer from the Media Settings panel.”

Here you can take a look at the Sirius XM app on the Model S interface:

More Model S-specific software updates are expected to be released in the coming months as Tesla adapts to the new screen real estate in the vehicle and takes advantage of the backseat display more.
Source: electrek

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