Tesla pushes new Model 3 Standard Range Plus orders to 2022

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Tesla has now pushed new Model 3 Standard Range Plus orders to 6 months out, all the way to January 2022. There are likely several factors at play.

Today, Tesla has updated its online configurator to push the delivery timeline for new Model 3 Standard Range Plus orders all the way to January 2022.

It was previously November 2021.

However, Tesla’s online configurator shows that the Model 3 Long Range still has a November 2021 delivery timeline, while the Model 3 Performance can be delivered as fast as four to seven weeks.

It’s one of the largest discrepancies between variants of the same model we have seen to date:

Tesla has had strong demand in the US, which could explain the extraordinarily long delivery timeline.

But Tesla also has had significant supply chain issues, especially related to the chip shortage.

It makes sense for the automaker to prioritize more expensive versions of the Model 3 when it comes to new orders. Tesla could be sending more chips and microchips to those vehicles.

As for the Model Y, the Long Range version also has a significant delivery timeline of December 2021 for new orders, while Model Y Performance can be delivered on the same timeline as the Model 3 Performance:

As for the Model S and Model X, both also saw their delivery timelines increased significantly recently.

However, as we previously reported, in the case of Model S and Model X, it’s not only for new orders. Buyers who placed orders months ago recently saw their delivery timelines pushed to November-February.

Electrek’s Take

Some say that the demand is crazy, and others say that supply issues are limiting production, resulting in those long delivery delays on new orders.

As with most things, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

US demand has been strong for Tesla all years, and the automaker does indeed have some significant supply chain issues, as Musk confirmed again today.

Either way, Tesla is sold out of its planned production capacity in the US for the base Model 3 and Model Y.

Source: electrek

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