Tesla launches new AMD chip and 12v Li-ion battery in 2022 Model 3 Model Y vehicles

by 9SIX
tesla-launches-new-amd-chip-and- v-li-ion-battery-in- -model- -model-y-vehicles

Tesla has introduced the new AMD Ryzen chip and 12v Li-ion battery in 2022 Model 3 Model Y vehicles. Earlier this month, we reported on a bunch of new features and changes coming to the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y that leaked through a test program in Europe.

Amongst many things, the leak revealed that new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles coming to Europe, which are made in China, would come with the new AMD Ryzen chip that is powering the media computer in the new Model S and Model X and the Model Y Performance made in China. Also, the lead-acid 12v battery will change to a Li-ion battery system.

As we noted at the time, changes made to Tesla vehicles made in China often end up coming to Tesla vehicles made in the US soon after. Now we learn that Tesla has started production of the Model 3 and Model Y with those changes in the US:


It’s the same for the Li-ion battery system to replace the old 12v system:


While under the hood, so to speak, these two changes are quite significant to the performance and experience of Tesla vehicles.

As we previously reported, an independent test of the center display in a new Model Y Performance in China with the new AMD Ryzen chip for the MCU showed an impressive performance update. Considering a lot of the Tesla experience is built around the center display, the change should make a big difference.

As for the new 12-volt battery, Tesla vehicles have been known to often suffer from 12-volt battery failures. Furthermore, it has been strange for Tesla, a company seen as a leader in battery technology, to still use an old battery chemistry to power its 12v vehicle system. Unlike the new chip, if the change is good, Tesla owners shouldn’t even notice it since the battery should just not fail as often as the previous version did.

Source: electrek

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