Tesla is looking to expand at Giga Berlin with new land acquisition

by 9SIX

Tesla is reportedly looking to expand at Gigafactory Berlin with the acquisition of a piece of land adjacent to the plant. Gigafactory Berlin currently sits on about 300 acres that Tesla acquired for the giant manufacturing project.

Now we learn that Tesla is looking to acquire a 100-acre parcel of land next to its existing property (via RBB24):

The Tesla company is planning to massively expand its property in Grünheide (Oder-Spree). The rbb learned this from official circles. Accordingly, the company intends to purchase approximately 100 hectares of land located directly east of the Tesla site between the RE1 railway line and the L23 and L38 state roads.

According to the information that the German media company received, Tesla plans to build a train station and storage areas on the new land:

Tesla had already announced in 2020 that it would have as many supplier products as possible delivered to the Grünheide plant by train. Completed Teslas are also to be transported away by rail. The group is now planning additional storage areas and a freight station for this purpose. This suggests that Tesla plans to keep the rest of its property free for future car factory expansions.

The plan is reportedly not finalized and a price for the new parcel has not been determined yet – though it sounds like it could be around €13 million (or about $13.7 million).

If it goes through and the plan is approved, construction should start next summer.

In the meantime, Tesla is currently trying to ramp up production of the Model Y at the factory while also establishing battery cell production at the plant, but there are some challenges.

As we reported yesterday, an environmental group has called for Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s operating license to be revoked after learning of a paint leak around the paint shop.

A source familiar with the matter told Electrek that the paint shop is currently one of the main bottlenecks for Tesla to expand production at Gigafactory Berlin.

Source: electrek

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