Tesla has submitted final documents for Gigafactory Berlin production approval

by 9SIX

Tesla and others have now submitted all documents needed for the environmental approval that would allow Gigafactory Berlin to start production.

Over the last year, Tesla has run into a lot of red tape while trying to get approval to start production at Gigafactory Berlin, a giant new factory located near Berlin in Brandenburg. Most recently, environmental groups had managed to obtain an extension of the public commentary period for the project, which delayed approval for another month. The new period concluded last month, and Tesla has been rumored to be on the verge of approval, but it has yet to happen.

Earlier this week, we reported that the Ministry for the Environment said that Tesla and other entities have yet to deliver all the needed documents for approval.

Now the government has confirmed that the documents have all been submitted (via Reuters):

Tesla and relevant authorities submitted all the documents necessary for the approval process for its planned battery factory near Berlin, the environment ministry of the German state of Brandenburg said on Wednesday.

This is believed to be among the last steps to deliver the final approval.

Tesla has been aiming to start Model Y production at the plant by the end of the year, but time is starting to run out.

Brandenburg Premier Dietmar Woidke has recently said that a decision for approval might instead come in early 2022.

The start of production at the plant is critical for Tesla’s expansion in Europe and its global operations since Gigafactory Berlin production is going to free up production capacity at other factories to focus on local deliveries.

But even more important than the start of production is the ramp-up to volume production.

While it is waiting to clear the red tape, Tesla has been spotted already producing pre-production vehicles at the plant.

Source: electrek

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