TEAMGROUP Announces Intention To Release PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSD In Q3 2022

by 9SIX
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To meet the demand for high-speed storage driven by big data, TEAMGROUP is utilizing its years of experience in computer storage solutions to launch the newest PCIe Gen5 SSD this year. In light of the generational advancements of PCIe5.0, the company is actively committed to developing products using cutting-edge technologies. With its expertise in R&D and dedication to product excellence, the company is excited to enter the next era of SSD storage solutions and to deliver spectacular new products to the world.
TEAMGROUP is releasing its first PCIe Gen5 SSD under its gaming sub-brand T-FORCE as part of the CARDEA series. It is capable of maximum sequential read speeds of over 13,000MB/s and write speeds exceeding 12,000MB/s, and together with a maximum storage capacity of 4TB, it will be the highest performance PCIe Gen5 flagship SSD on the market when launched. The T-FORCE PCIe Gen5 SSD will support the latest NVMe 2.0 and will be enhanced using proprietary technology to improve durability and product lifespan. The new hardware and support will enable its Gen5 SSDs to fully meet the needs of the gaming computing market, video streaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other next-gen digital domains.

TEAMGROUP plans to mass-produce T-FORCE CARDEA series’ PCIe Gen5 SSD in 2022 Q3, and will also launch a variety of efficient cooling solutions for the PCIe Gen5 SSD. Together with its global motherboard manufacturing partners, TEAMGROUP will continue to refine specifications and technologies of the latest generation of SSDs to meet market demands and provide consumers around the world with a stable and rapid storage experience.

Editor’s Note: While this announcement does seem early for a product that isn’t scheduled for release until the latter half of 2022, it’s a strong follow-up from their showing at CES 2022 and supports the medium-term viability of Intel’s Alder Lake as an upgradeable consumer platform. It will also mean TEAMGROUP remain in the conversation when AMD release their own PCIe 5.0 platform at around the same time.

It is, however, a little presumptive for TEAMGROUP to state that their drive will be “the highest performance PCIe Gen5 flagship SSD on the market when launched”. Other players in the market will no-doubt have their own opinion on the matter.

Source: vortez

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