Subaru reveals more of its upcoming first electric car, the Solterra

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In a new video, Subaru reveals more of its upcoming first electric car, the Solterra, including the entire body of the electric SUV.

We have been waiting a long time for Subaru to make an electric car.

Earlier this year, the Japanese automaker finally announced its first all-electric vehicle: the Solterra. Since confirming the new vehicle, Subaru has been slowly releasing information and images drop by drop.

Last month, the automaker finally unveiled more images and confirmed a few details.

This week, Subaru unveiled a new video for the Solterra, and it briefly shows the entire body of the electric SUV:

The newly released images show a sharp-looking midsize SUV with what appears to be a significant ground clearance:

Fans of Subaru SUVs will be happy to see that the vehicle still very much looks like a Subaru SUV. It just happens to be electric.

Speaking of electric, the automaker has yet to release any details about the electric powertrain of the vehicle, other than it will be all-wheel-drive.

Subaru claims that its all-wheel-drive supremacy will be felt in its first all-electric vehicle, but as we previously reported, every dual-motor electric vehicle already has all-wheel-drive performance that would make it the envy of any top-of-the-line internal combustion engine vehicle.

The Solterra is expected to hit the market late next year as a 2023 model year vehicle.

A full unveiling with more details should come relatively soon.

Source: electrek

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