Space Force selects over 900 personnel to transfer to the branch in 2022

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Founded in 2019, the Space Force came from the Air Force Space Command. With the reorganization, many airmen became Space Force Guardians. Now, the Space Force has selected over 900 new personnel to transfer into the branch.

The Space Force announced on September 30 that the new personnel are joining the service in the fiscal year 2022. They come from Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, some of the first non-Air Force personnel to join the branch. The new personnel include 670 active-duty service members and 259 civilians. The new selections join 50 transfers from June of this year.

This is just one step as the Space Force works to further fill out the ranks. Currently, there are almost 13,000 personnel in the Space Force. These transfers will be followed by additional 455 uniformed members.

“Members from the first group of 50 selects have begun executing their transfers and are beta-testing the process for this larger group that will transfer next fiscal year,” said Patricia Mulcahy, Space Force Chief Human Capital Officer. “We’ve also conducted town hall sessions for the civilians who will transfer to provide information and answer questions about their upcoming transition. We are making every effort to ensure all future Guardians feel part of the team from the moment they are identified for transfer.”

More transfers are expected throughout 2022 and 2023. The Space Force is still a young and developing branch. They only recently unveiled their new enlisted rank insignias and prototype dress uniforms. The Space Force even launched another recruitment video recently, encouraging those interested to explore possible careers in the space force.

Source: spaceexplored

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