Samsung Reportedly Skipping Its 200MP Sensor for the Galaxy S22 Ultra

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samsung-reportedly-skipping-its- mp-sensor-for-the-galaxy-s -ultra

Despite having announced its ISOCELL HP1 200MP camera sensor, which is the industry’s first, Samsung will reportedly not use it on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Instead, fresh information claims that the Korean giant will stick to a lower-resolution camera for whatever reason.

Galaxy S22 Ultra May Be Treated to a 108MP Main Sensor Instead

Just like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will use a 108MP main camera, according to The Elec. However, Samsung has yet to announce any new 108MP sensors, so it is unconfirmed if the company will use existing parts or announce new ones in the coming months. Considering that Samsung is reported to start mass production of the Galaxy S22 series in November, it should make an announcement quickly, or we will have to assume it used the same sensor present on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Aside from the 108MP main sensor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will retain the S-Pen functionality, and this time, perhaps Samsung can introduce some improvements, so users who were acclimatized to the Galaxy Note series will not miss its absence. Just like we have reported previously, Samsung is not expected to bring a 3D ToF camera to the most premium member of the Galaxy S22 family, but it should include a 12MP ultrawide unit with OIS support.

Samsung is also reported to stick with a 40MP front-facing camera for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and before you ask, no, it will not be utilizing under-display technology. Looking at the image quality of under-display cameras, Samsung cannot risk using it on any Galaxy S22 model, as these flagships could receive hefty criticism for not being able to take the fight to the iPhone 13 lineup so assuming the report is true, it is the right decision.

Earlier, we came across a rumor stating that the Galaxy S22 Ultra would receive ‘Olympus’ branding along with a 200MP camera, as these terms would likely garner the attention of the media and consumers alike. We are not sure about the branding for the time being, but any update that we receive will be relayed to our readers, so stay tuned.

Source: wccftech

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