Renault Scenic E-Tech Rendering Visualizes How The MPV Could Morph Into An Electric SUV

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This illustration was made by Jean Francois Hubert/SB-Medien for CarScoops. It is a speculative drawing not related to nor endorsed by Renault.

Renault is in the process of electrifying its range and deciding which nameplates are going to live on to the future. The Scenic is rumored to be among the models in the axing block alongside the Espace and the Talisman. However, there is a chance that Renault could make it work by morphing its MPV into an electric SUV. This vision is depicted in this rendering by Jean Francois Hubert/SB-Medien.

The first generation of the Scenic that debuted in 1996 based on the Megane was a pioneer in the compact MPV segment, but things have changed a lot on since then. Nowadays, people are more fond of SUVs that offer a similar level of practicality combined with increased ground clearance while their rugged styling has proven to be quite popular.

Renault added some crossover elements in the latest fourth-generation Scenic and Grand Scenic that were introduced in 2016, but the oversized wheels and the sculpted body were not enough for retaining the buyer’s interest over similarly sized SUV proposals.

Since most automakers have already phased out their dedicated compact MPV offerings, it wouldn’t be a surprise for Renault to do the same, but why get rid of a nameplate that once was very popular? Instead of retiring the Scenic moniker with the forthcoming discontinuation of the current generation, the French company could use it for a family-focused SUV slotting between the Mégane E-Tech and the next generation of the Kadjar.

This scenario might seem unlikely but if it becomes reality, then the fully-electric CMF-EV architecture would be the perfect base for a Scenic E-Tech. This platform is already underpinning the Nissan Ariya and the Mégane E-Tech and will gradually be used in all C- and D-Segment models of the Groupe Renault. This would bring an electric motor producing up to 215 hp (160kW / 218 PS) and a battery pack with a capacity of up to 60kWh offering a 470 km (292 miles) range.

The speculative rendering depicts a high-riding model incorporating Renault’s latest design language. Slim LED headlights with a characteristic lighting signature, toned-up fenders, and a bi-tone color scheme with a dark roof make it look like a bigger brother to the Mégane E-Tech.

While the imaginary Scenic E-Tech doesn’t retain the one-box styling of its predecessors, the packaging benefits of the dedicated EV architecture would result in a roomy five-seater cabin. Since the Scenic nameplate is inextricably linked with practicality, features like extra storage compartments, a flexible seating layout, and plenty of cupholders would probably be implemented.

The Scenic and the Megane were always closely related, so a possible reincarnation could share its dashboard with the Mégane E-Tech including the “OpenR” cockpit that combines a configurable 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster with a vertically oriented, 12-inch infotainment touchscreen.

At the moment, it is expected that the current Scenic will be phased out soon making room for more fully electric and hybrid models. If Renault decides to keep the Scenic alive then it could use the name for an LCV-based MPV like Opel did with the Zafira Life, affix it to a seven-seater version of the Mégane E-Tech, as one report claims, or introduce a family-focused SUV as a direct successor. The problem with the third option is the positioning in the market, since there might not be enough space for it between the slightly smaller Mégane E-Tech compact crossover and the larger Kadjar SUV.

Source: carscoops

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