Polestar shares 2.2 kWh transporter concept capable of hauling 400 lbs

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Polestar has once again made the headlines with another unique electric concept – this time in the form of a transporter cart used to move cargo and make deliveries. The project, called Re:Move, began as a mere concept project celebrating industrial designer Konstantin Grcic and ended up becoming an actual working prototype unveiled at IAA Mobility in Munich.

Polestar is a Swedish automaker founded by Volvo Group and Geely Holding focused on zero-emissions transportation. It currently has two EVs on the market, including a newly refreshed Polestar 2 with additional powertrain variations.

That’s not all though, at IAA Mobility in Munich this week, Swedish motorbike manufacturer CAKE unveiled its Makka electric moped, specially designed alongside Polestar to bundle zero-emission urban mobility.

Speaking of CAKE, the company worked with Polestar earlier this year on a design study project for Wallpaper magazine’s “Re:Made” series with Grcic. The companies, Grcic, and aluminum producer Hydro, ended up creating the Re:Move electric transporter concept.

What started as a design project has now become a full-fledged electric concept, and Polestar has now shared the first working prototype with the public.

Polestar ReMove Side Load

Polestar unveils Re:Move electric transporter concept vehicle

In a press release following its official unveiling at IAA Mobility in Munich, Polestar has shared images of its Re:Move concept transporter vehicle.

The project, known as Re:Move, is “a fast-tracked reaction to surging online shopping and home delivery demands and the clear requirement to find more sustainable mobility solutions.”

Re:Move is a multi-functional electric transporter that has been designed to easily navigate in bicycle lanes (only about 30″ wide). It is capable of carrying loads of up to 180 kg (~397 lbs) and can reach a max speed around 15.5 mph, all from the help of a 2.2 kWh battery pack.

The aluminum chassis was designed with an electric tilt mechanism, allowing the vehicle to lean into turns, thus increasing maneuverability, and limiting its turn radius. The frame is comprised of composite covers, a natural replacement for plastics.

The concept also includes “always-on” lighting for driver visibility, brake lights, optional indicators, and a horn help navigate through pedestrian traffic. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath, spoke to the design:

The passion and expertise our partners have brought to this project shows the power of great design. Electrifying vehicles is the start point, not the end game. Our engineers have proven that this kind of open collaboration will accelerate innovation and the shift to truly sustainable mobility.

Polestar and the other design companies like CAKE see their Re:Move concept as a carbon-friendly solution to replace delivery vans and radically improve city traffic flow. Furthermore, the electric concept could help bring cargo transportation to rural areas lacking the necessary infrastructure.

While the Re:Move project remains a mere concept at this time, its creators hope to inspire change and showcase how the future of clean mobility does not solely pertain to electric vehicles. It’s prototypes like these that can both exemplify, and inspire accelerated change.

Source: electrek


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