Panasonic is back with another new camera that isn’t really new

Spot the difference: Panasonic's latest camera gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a 'subtle refresh'

by 9SIX
panasonic is back with another new camera that isn t really new

Just last week we reported(opens in new tab) on the earth-shattering revelation that Panasonic had launched a ‘new’ compact camera – a rare occurrence in today’s stagnant compact camera market. Now Panasonic has followed up with another new release, although this time it’s only an interchangeable lens camera, and they’re released almost on a daily basis. The camera in question here is the Lumix G95D – the replacement for the Lumix G95(opens in new tab). Just to add further confusion, the same camera is called the G99 in Japan, and this is also set for a ‘D’ refresh, becoming the G99D.

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What all these cameras have in common – including the new Panasonic compact camera from last week(opens in new tab) – is they each only boast only a single hardware upgrade relative to their preceding models: a new rear display. In the case of the G95D/G99D, the old LCD panel has been replaced by an OLED display. Still 3 inches, still touch sensitive, and still able to articulate. In other markets the G95 is sold as the G90, which already has an OLED rear screen, so we’re unlikely to see a G90D appear any time soon [look out for next week’s follow-up article where Panasonic makes me eat those words!].

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Let’s face it, a subtly revamped rear screen is not enough on its own to justify a new camera, so we speculate that Panasonic had no choice but to implement new screen hardware due to possible supply issues with its existing LCD panels. If this were to be true, it does at least demonstrate Panasonic’s commitment to the Micro Four Thirds system, as the company opted to maintain production of the G95/G99 rather than simply discontinue it, should the supply chain shortage theory be correct.

Source: digitalcameraworld

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