Opel will be a 100% electric brand from 2028

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There is a new strategy for the immediate future of the Opel brand: electrification. It was announced in the last hours by the CEO of the company, Michael Lohscheller, detailing the following projects that the manufacturer will undertake. Without a doubt, it should mark the manufacturer’s path once it is fully included in it the Stellantis Group.

Perhaps, as the first big announcement, we can highlight that Opel confirms that it will become a purely electric brand in Europe as early as 2028. With this date, the German firm marks a new reference, anticipating some rival companies that, such as Ford, placed this milestone in 2030, two years later. But, of course, Opel also ensures that it will be a gradual and not radical transformation.

Opel electric cars

Opel Manta

The new Opel plan goes through leverage, of course, all the synergies of the Stellantis Group. The group announced the premiere of up to four new electric platforms for all its brands, with autonomies that will range between 500 and 800 kilometres. These new architectures are called STLA small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, and STLA Frame. The last two could is aimed at the North American market.

The announcement of Opel’s strategy has also brought other news. Thus, the brand, which already markets 100% electric versions of the Opel Corsa, Opel Mokka and the Opel Vivaro, has confirmed the future return of the Opel Manta, already transformed into a 100% sports electric car.

Accompanied by a new model teaser, Opel has confirmed that it will launch this new model inspired by the Manta from the 1970s.

But what else can we add to the new and long-awaited Opel Manta-e, as it could be called from 2025? According to the first sketch shown now, contrary to expectations, it would not be a small coupe but a new larger crossover. With a two-colour design similar to that already shown by the Opel Mokka, the electric car will undoubtedly surprise with its image.

As we have anticipated, this new Opel Manta will already be based on the new architectures of the Stellantis Group, so it is not likely that it will be born from the EMP2 platform, like the new Peugeot 308 or 3008. The usual thing is that it uses the new base STLA Medium and theoretically could also be a rear-wheel-drive model.

Source: electrichunter

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