NVIDIA DLSS & Raytracing Technology Coming To Eight New Games

by 9SIX

The launch of GeForce RTX GPUs two years ago brought an array of NVIDIA-designed technologies that dramatically transformed PC gaming and content creation. Now, there are over 130 games and applications supporting RTX-accelerated innovations, including GPU-accelerated raytracing, NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), and AI-powered innovations like NVIDIA Broadcast.

And our newest technology, NVIDIA Reflex is now supported in 12 of the top 15 competitive shooters, making gameplay more responsive.

NVIDIA has worked closely with the game development ecosystem, creative app developers, and industry standards bodies to leverage the company’s technological innovations in the creation of this new standard for PC gaming and content creation. The list of game franchises, engines, and game and app developers now using NVIDIA-pioneered technologies is a veritable who’s who. And today, more games and studios jump on board, as we announce the addition of RTX technologies to a further 8 titles, including DOOM Eternal, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Icarus, LEGO Builder’s Journey, DYING: 1983, The Ascent, and The Persistence.

The rapid adoption of RTX tech presents a watershed moment for the industry, and represents one of the fastest in the history of PC platform technologies. RTX raytracing and DLSS have quickly become ubiquitous in today’s biggest games, the most popular game of all time (Minecraft), and three titles in the best selling PC franchise of all time (Call of Duty).


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