NordPass will now sound the alarm if you’re caught up in a data breach

Users will be notified if their credentials show up in a data leak

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Nordpass Will Now Sound The Alarm If You Re Caught Up In A Data Breach

Password management(opens in new tab) platform NordPass has just introduced a new feature that will sound the alarm in case the user’s password gets caught up in a data breach.

The company says its Data Breach Scanner solution now comes with Data Breach Monitoring, a new solution that scans the internet for leaks. Should the user’s credentials pop up in any of those, the service will notify them both through the NordPass app and via email, and suggest an immediate password change.

Besides automatic scanning, the user can also manually type their credentials in and see if they were stolen(opens in new tab) in any previous data breaches.

Creative protection

“People know taking care of passwords is important, but for some reason, it’s rarely on top of their to-do lists. NordPass(opens in new tab) research shows internet users struggle to implement even basic password hygiene. Therefore, we look for other creative ways to save them from experiencing the worst consequences of data breach. Features that help ensure timely reaction to it are the last resort here,” says Gediminas Brencius, the head of product growth at NordPass.

While the company knows the importance of not sharing passwords with anyone, especially not over the internet, it does understand that sometimes, users have no other choice. For such cases, it built Password Sharer, an end-to-end encrypted tool for sharing passwords, secret messages, private links, and other sensitive information. NordPass says the feature will serve not only its clients but “all internet users”.

A user can type sensitive information in the message box and get a shareable link, that expires after 24 hours, or once it is read.

Brencius claims this feature could be good for sharing passport details for friends booking flights, or sending bank card details to family members. Furthermore, it can be used as a secure channel to share personal and strictly confidential notes.

Source: techradar

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