NIO launches the new ES6, an all-around high-tech electric SUV

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nio launches the new es6 an all around high tech electric suv

EV maker NIO officially launched the new ES6 electric SUV on Wednesday. Despite the ES6’s compact size, NIO expects significant results from its second-generation electric SUV.

NIO initially revealed the ES6 in 2018 as a more affordable alternative to the ES8, beginning deliveries in late 2019.

The ES6 has been a primary seller for NIO since its launch as the brand’s least expensive SUV. According to information from CnEVPost, the ES6 represented nearly 64% of NIO’s sales in 2020, 45% in 2021, and 46% from available 2022 data.

With the introduction of its upgrade NT 2.0 EV platform, NIO is focused on its second-generation models. All NT 2.0 models are built on the NIO Adam supercomputer, powered by four Nvidia DRIVE Orin system-on-chips (SoCs).

Powered by Nvidia’s tech, the NIO Adam supercomputer delivers an unprecedented 1,000 trillion operations per second to handle a large number of applications and networks required to power autonomous vehicles.

The ES7 was the first to feature the new tech, with the ET5, ES7, EC7, and second-gen ES8 following. Now, NIO has launched the second-gen ES6, what many call the EV maker’s most important model.

NIO ES6 electric SUV 1

Meet the new NIO ES6 electric SUV

NIO held a launch event Wednesday across several media platforms, revealing the all-new ES6 model. The new ES6 features a sleek exterior design representing NIO’s evolution with intelligent multibeam headlights, Illuminablade taillights, and low wind resistance.

NIO ES6 electric SUV 2

NIO ES6 electric SUV 4

NIO ES6 electric SUV 5

The compact SUV is 4,854 mm long, 1,995 mm wide, and 1,703 mm tall, slightly bigger than the previous generation.

Powered by a 150 kW front and 210 kW rear motor, the ES6 features up to 482 hp (360 kW) for 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 4.5 seconds.

On the inside, the ES6 features a “complete refurbishment of the second living room,” complete with an NIO digital cockpit.

NIO ES6 electric SUV 9NIO ES6 electric SUV 8NIO ES6 electric SUV 7

The upgrade includes a double-layer wraparound design and premium high-end seating. In addition, with “zero gravity mode,” the queen copilot seat essentially turns into a bed by reclining 160 degrees and raising the leg rest.

Nio will initially offer the new ES6 in two battery options, a 75 kWh option, which is good for 490 km (304 miles) of CLTC range, or a 100 kWh pack for 625 km (388 miles) of range, both of which begin deliveries on May 25.

The EV maker is also teasing a 150 kWh semisolid state battery, which will be available in July, delivering 930 km (577 miles) of range.

The second generation NIO ES6 will start at 368,000 yuan ($52,100) for the 75 kWh battery version and 426,000 yuan ($60,300) for the longer range 100 kWh battery.

The NIO ES6 will be called the EL6 in Europe due to a trademark dispute with Audi over its gas-powered S6 model.

Source: electrek

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