New iPhone for 2022 tipped with eyes on color

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Today we’re taking a peek at a leak of information about the next iPhone that’ll likely be revealed in early 2022. This new iPhone would effectively be the iPhone SE 3, or iPhone SE (2022), but we cannot yet be certain of the name Apple will choose for the device. It seems likely that we’ll see a new device with far more power and speed, but little in the way of physical shape change.

Same shape, more power

If you’re enjoying the size and shape and capabilities of the iPhone SE you have right now AND you’ve just dropped said device on the ground and SHATTERED your display glass, the following news will probably be a welcome update. The new iPhone SE 3 is rumored this week by Macotakara in Japan to come with a size and shape almost identical to that of its predecessor. The iPhone SE (3rd generation), as they call it, will likely retain its rectangular display, sizeable top and bottom bezels, and physical home button (with Touch ID fingerprint scanning).

The iPhone SE (2nd generation) was revealed in April of 2020 with a 4.7-inch rectangular display (with sharp corners) and a single camera on the front and back of the device. It’s rumored that the new model will include the same cameras, display, and general casing design, but will deliver a new A15 processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G modem for 5G connectivity worldwide.

Eyes on color

It’s not revealed yet what cosmetic changes will be made to this device with regard to color. It’s likely we’ll see an iPhone SE 3 in early 2022 with colors beyond what’s currently available with Generation 2: White, Black, and (PRODUCT)RED.

Current colors for iPhone 11 (the otherwise lowest-spec and lowest-price iPhone available from Apple today) include White, Black, (PRODUCT)RED, Yellow, Green, and Purple. It would not be a shock to see Green, Purple, and Yellow added to the iPhone SE 3 lineup at launch.

The iPhone 12 currently comes in the same batch of colors as iPhone 11, save Yellow – which is replaced by Blue. Launch colors for iPhone 13 include that same Blue, (PRODUCT)RED, and black/white, here called Starlight and Midnight.

The iPhone 13 also formally introduced PINK into the mix – that’ll likely stay relegated to the new model, unless iPhone SE 3 introduces a far more on-the-nose version of Pink (like Bubblegum Pink instead of the misty pink included with iPhone 13 now).

If you’re looking for the lowest-cost iPhone at any given moment, and you had the option to choose any color in the rainbow (and beyond), which would you choose? Would you go green, or stay classic? Would you opt for a matte coating, or choose a version that’s transparent, allowing you to see the phone’s innards?

Source: techradar

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