New 2022 Mercedes EQE arrives at Munich with 410-mile range

The new Mercedes EQE will take on the Tesla Model S with a 90kWh battery and up to 410 miles of range

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This is the Mercedes EQE – an all-electric counterpart to the E-Class saloon and the second model in Mercedes’ all-electric EQ line-up to be based on a purpose-made electric car platform.

It’s a smaller sibling for the brand’s EQS large luxury saloon, and the first in a trio of all-electric executive saloons planned by the big three German premium manufacturers, beating the upcoming Audi A6 e-tron and the electric version of the next-generation BMW 5 Series to production-ready status.

Like the EQS, the EQE makes use of the brand’s EVA2 platform. It will be built at the firm’s largest factory in Bremen from mid-2022 onwards, with additional production in China for the Chinese market.

New 2022 Mercedes EQE: exterior design and chassis

It’s ever so slightly longer, wider and taller than the E-Class saloon, while its wheelbase of 3,120mm is longer than even the China-only E-Class Long Wheelbase model.

These dimensions, coupled with the streamlined, almost four-door-coupe-like design, mean that the EQE is more similar in profile to the CLS than the E-Class saloon. The overhangs are kept shorter than on the EQS, with wheels sized from 19 to 21 inches available.

It takes plenty of design inspiration from its larger EQS sibling, integrating a similar front-end design, with a large black panel in place of the grille. Behind this fascia sits the various sensors and cameras required for the car’s driver assistance features. The bonnet is fixed in place and designed to be opened only by Mercedes mechanics at a service, with an access flap for washer fluid integrated into the left wing.


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Mercedes%20EQE%20saloon%202021 5

At the rear, a traditional saloon boot lid is headlined by a full-width LED tail-light bar and a small integrated lip spoiler. Items such as the car’s aerials are hidden underneath the bodywork, and the reversing camera is placed beneath the rear badge.

As standard, the EQE rides on steel-spring suspension, but adaptive air suspension is optional, as is the four-wheel steering system used on the EQS.

New 2022 Mercedes EQE: interior design and infotainment

Inside, it takes heavy inspiration from the larger EQS. In fact, the dashboard is near-identical when the EQE is optioned with the MBUX Hyperscreen system – a full-width OLED display encompassing the entire surface area of the dashboard with three interactive display areas.

The digital dash comprises a 12.3-inch area behind the steering wheel, while on the other side of the dashboard is another 12.3-inch display with touchscreen functionality for the passenger. The central area of the Hyperscreen system measures up at 17.7 inches. They all blend together to look like one seamless unit.

The entry-level version of the EQE will come without the Hyperscreen system. In its place will be a ‘slightly different’ centre console, but no images of this different infotainment set-up have been revealed.

The standard interior scheme is called Electric Art, but a sportier looking AMG Line trim can be optioned, introducing sports seats. NEOTEX material is used liberally around the cabin, combining the look of leather with high-quality neoprene. Brown open pore wood is available alongside grey magnolia wood. Anthracite-look trim with metallic 3D pigmentation is also available.

New 2022 Mercedes EQE: battery, drivetrain and performance

Mercedes says that two variants will be available from launch and that 4MATIC versions are coming, and it’s not hard to imagine the arrival of AMG versions in the future too. But for now, the brand has detailed just one version, the EQE 350.

Mercedes%20EQE%20saloon%202021 3

Mercedes%20EQE%20saloon%202021 12

Mercedes%20EQE%20saloon%202021 4

Mercedes%20EQE%20saloon%202021 9

Mercedes%20EQE%20saloon%202021 7Mercedes%20EQE%20saloon%202021

Mercedes%20EQE%20saloon%202021 2

The EQE 350’s battery has a usable energy content of 90kWh. An electric motor system is mounted on the rear axle, developing 288bhp and 530Nm of torque, and while Mercedes has not issued any performance figures, it has said that pending final WLTP homologation a range of up to 410 miles on a single charge is possible.

Not too dissimilar to the Porsche Taycan, the brand says that the EQE will deliver reproducible performance with the ability to accelerate hard multiple times without overheating. Four regenerative braking settings are found, ranging from a one-pedal driving mode to a setting that allows the car to glide with no intervention from the motor.

DC charging at up to 170kW is possible for a top-up in 32 minutes. The standard AC charging rate is 11kW, and from a charge point or wallbox rated at this power it will take eight hours and 25 minutes to replenish the battery. An optional 22kW AC on-board charger is available, reducing this time to just over four hours.

Several intelligent charge modes and settings are included. For example, the owner can enable a ‘take-it-easy’ mode that reduces max charge to 80 per cent and takes other battery lifespan increasing measures, while it’s also possible to specify time periods for AC home charging to take place, so owners can charge using an off-peak energy tariff to save money.

New 2022 Mercedes EQE: price and on sale

Mercedes has not issued any pricing information for the EQE just yet, but we anticipate it won’t arrive with price parity with the E-Class saloon. It will be more expensive than its combustion-engined sibling, with prices likely to begin in the region of £60,000 for the EQE 350. Sales will commence before summer 2022.

Source: autoexpress


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