MG Cyberster: A Triumphant Return for Electric Roadsters

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Mg Cyberster A Triumphant Return For Electric Roadsters

MG’s electric roadster, the Cyberster, marks a triumphant return for the brand to the sports car scene. This isn’t just any electric vehicle (EV) – it carves out its own niche, offering a thrilling ride for fans and newcomers alike. While it won’t dethrone established champions, it presents a compelling alternative in the electric sports car market.

A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

The Cyberster’s significance goes beyond its electric powertrain. Decades without a new MG sports car and China’s unfamiliarity with roadsters make the Cyberster a true comeback story. It’s a brand acknowledging its heritage while embracing the future of electric vehicles.

Striking a Balance in Aesthetics

The MG Cyberster pulls off a remarkable feat: blending classic roadster proportions with a modern, aggressive design. The design team deserves credit for avoiding the awkward stance that plagues many EVs. The “ultra-thin” battery keeps the profile sleek, and scissor doors add a touch of drama, reminiscent of high-performance supercars.

Punching Above Its Weight in Performance

Despite its hefty weight, the Cyberster surprises with composed handling and impressive power. MG’s collaboration with established names like Bosch, Brembo, and Pirelli ensures top-quality components throughout. Kudos to the UK engineering team for fine-tuning the ride, handling, and steering for a truly enjoyable driving experience. With a 0-62 mph acceleration time of just 3.2 seconds for the top-of-the-line model, the Cyberster offers exhilarating performance.

Tech Triumphs and Tribulations

The interior is a feast for the eyes, featuring a driver-centric layout with multiple digital screens. However, the reliance on so many screens can be overwhelming. The steering wheel can even block parts of these screens at times – a design oversight that should have been caught early on. However, the comfort of the faux-leather bucket seats and the overall refinement deserve praise. Both the MG Cyberster Trophy and MG Cyberster GT trims offer a surprisingly quiet cabin, even with the top down, thanks to superior sound insulation.

MG Cyberster
MG Cyberster
MG Cyberster
MG Cyberster

A Tale of Two Trophies: Trophy vs. GT

The Cyberster comes in two exciting trims: Trophy and GT. The Trophy, lighter and rear-wheel drive, offers a more playful and engaging driving experience. It’s a case of “less is more” here, rewarding the driver with a more connected feel. The GT, with its additional front motor and all-wheel drive, boasts increased power and grip.

A Fun Chapter in Electric Vehicle History

The Cyberster doesn’t redefine the sports car genre. It’s not the lightest like the Mazda MX-5 nor the most luxurious like the Porsche Boxster. However, it offers a compelling mix of power, comfort, and a unique electric driving experience. Considering MG’s long hiatus from the sports car market and China’s lack of roadster heritage, the Cyberster is remarkable. It’s a delightful surprise and a beacon of hope, proving that electric cars can be genuinely thrilling and fun to drive. With a maximum range of up to 316 miles on a single charge, the Cyberster offers practicality alongside its performance capabilities.

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