Mercedes G-Class EQG concept wows off-roading aficionados at IAA

by 9SIX

Mercedes is rolling a variety of new products out at IAA 2021 in Munich this week and one we weren’t quite expecting is the EQG concept which would put Mercedes on the path of electrifying its G-series off road lineup.

If you are looking for details, unfortunately Mercedes is tight lipped on the AWD EQG spec sheet. You could probably expect a similar sized battery as the EQS line at over 100kWh with a much shorter range because of the increased drag of the off-roader. Today’s unveiling is mostly about eye candy and imagining an off-road Mercedes with all of the benefits of electrification.

With the Concept EQG, Mercedes-Benz presents the near-production study of an all-electric model variant of its utilitarian off-road icon. Visually, the concept car combines the unmistakably striking look of the G-Class with selected design elements typical of all-electric models from Mercedes as contrasting highlights. The 4×4 qualities of the “G”, which have always set the highest standard, will not only find their way into the age of electric mobility, but will be developed even further in some areas. The Concept EQG thus offers a promising preview of what a Mercedes-Benz G-Class with battery-electric drive will be capable of.

You’ll note in the gallery below a closed off grill similar to the EQS, 22-inch polished aluminium alloy wheels, a roof mounted lightbar reminiscent of Tesla’s Cybertruck and a distinctive look that pays homage to the G-Class lineup but really goes into a futuristic version of itself.

Classic G-Class design language with quotes from Mercedes-EQ design

The Concept EQG is also very much in the design tradition of the model series and can be recognised at first glance as a G-Class. The near-production study adopts the G-Class’ angular silhouette including its iconic elements. Illuminated stripes make the robust exterior protective strips stand out visually. The separating edge of the attractive two-tone paint finish – gloss black on top, gloss aluminium beam on the bottom – runs in the area of the front end directly under the overlying bonnet, thus emphasising this design feature even more clearly.

The front view of the Concept EQG looks familiar, not least because of the typical round headlights. Instead of a radiator grille, as on the conventionally powered model versions, this all-electric variant features a continuous deep black radiator grille. In this Black Panel Grille, the illuminated star with 3D effect sets a striking accent. Around it, the animated pattern of “round squares” (squircle pattern) in the familiar blue of the Mercedes-EQ models creates a visual link. An all-round illuminated band wraps the Black Panel, which, alongside the white illuminated circles in the exterior mirror housings, complements the daytime running light graphic of the headlights.

21C0523 001 1

21C0523 002

21C0523 003

21C0523 004

Mercedes had some fun with the announcement with a “Lost in Space meets Star Trek” promotion.

What’s next for the EQG?

Equipped in this way, the fully electrically powered version of the G-Class will of course face the legendary test track on the 1445-metre high Schöckl mountain in Graz at the end of its development into a series model. Peppered with gradients of up to 60 degrees, the 5.6-kilometre route has always been regarded in the international off-road scene as one of the world’s greatest challenges for man and technology. After successfully conquering it, the electric “G” will also be able to adorn itself with the “Schöckl proved” quality certificate that is obligatory for the 463 series. And like its conventionally-driven brothers, it will also shine with a climbing capacity of up to 100 per cent on suitable ground.

Electrek’s take

NGL I didn’t see this coming. We were expecting the AMG and Maybach versions of the EQS and Mercedes delivered there but we’d figured the G-series would be the last for electrification from Mercedes.

It is still early days and the G-Series is far from a high volume product but this is the sort of lust-worthy vehicle that will be halo products on the road to electrification. Anyone want to guess a price? Head to the comments below to tell us what you think.

Source: electrek


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