M1 iPad Pro Teardown Shows How mini-LED Works, Battery Capacity, and Much More

by 9SIX
m -ipad-pro-teardown-shows-how-mini-led-works-battery-capacity-and-much-more

Apple launched the M1-powered iPad Pro with mini-LED in April at its Spring Loaded event. While the new M1 processor was a major upgrade in terms of performance, Apple also adopted the mini-LED technology for a better viewing experience. If you have been waiting for the tablet’s teardown to see the internals. iFixit has shared a new video. The M1 iPad Pro teardown reveals how the mini-LED works under the hood along with other details.

New M1 iPad Pro Teardown Explains How mini-LED Display is Different From Liquid Retina Display

The new iPad Pro teardown is shared by iFixit in a new video that aims to provide details on the working of the mini-LED display, battery capacity, and much more. The new M1 iPad Pro features 5G antennas on the sides and houses a massive 10566 mAh battery (40.33Wh.)

Other than this, the mini-LED display is slightly thicker than the Liquid Retina Display from the previous models. However, the teardown also reveals that the iPad Pro is quite heavier too compared to the previous models. iFixit has magnificently explained the functionality of the mini-LED display and how it differs from the traditional LED display. The new mini-LED display bolsters enhanced contrast and picture quality thanks to 5,596 dimming zones.

Each dimming zone is a square that houses four mini LEDs. The liquid Retina display, on the other hand, features a single stripe of bigger LEDs along the side. iFixit has only shared the video of the iPad Pro teardown at this point and hi-res pictures of components and other extrinsic details have not been covered in the text form. Potentially, we will see the complete teardown in the company days.

The video of the M1 iPad Pro teardown has been embedded above for your ease, so be sure to check it out. There you have it, folks. Share your views regarding the teardown in the comments section below.

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