LiveWire One electric motorcycle introduced under Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire brand.

by 9SIX

Harley-Davidson, through its LiveWire sub-brand, introduced the LiveWire One. This is the first electric motorcycle from the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer in the United States and marks the future HD goal of the LiveWire brand. This electric motor is also the history of the manufacturer who carries the name “The Motor Company”. H-D offers a discount on this electric motorcycle product as part of a new strategy called The Hardwire Strategy. President of H-D Jochen Zeitz said that the presence of LiveWire One is proof that Harley-Davidson will become a leader in the electric motorcycle industry. LiveWire One will continue to build on the Harley-Davidson DNA that has been around for 120 years.

In terms of price, the LiveWire One is priced at $21,999, $7,800 less than the initial price when it was announced about the LiveWire project three years ago. This is certainly good news for HD fans; although it does not carry the HD brand and eliminates its trademark V engine, this price is also pocket-friendly.

This news of the presence of LiveWire One may not be of much interest to owners of the first edition of LiveWire, who still use the HD logo. However, they don’t know the impact of this news on the first model when resold as a rare HD inaugural edition. The One looks more modern with a sleek graphic look featuring the LiveWire logo.

LiveWire One will be equipped with the latest software and hardware and upgraded compared to the initial LiveWire model. Unfortunately, Harley-Davidson did not specify what new developments in the software and hardware were.

For those interested in owning LiveWire One, HD provides a way through traditional stores, online and social media channels. Harley-Davidson reveals that all these channels are connected for the convenience of having a better Harley product experience. So far, the three channels are different, and many potential customers complain about it.

For some Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts, the presence of a LiveWire electric motorcycle may not be greeted enthusiastically. There is an assumption that a Harley-Davidson motorcycle without an internal combustion engine and a V is not a Harley. But it’s good to look further at the presence of LiveWire as a strategy to reach a wider market with products that are not inferior in terms of technology.

Just a reminder about the LiveWire electric motorcycle that Harley-Davidson introduced first, this motorbike uses a Revelation electric motor. This motor delivers maximum power of up to 105 HP with 116 Nm of torque.

The LiveWire battery has a capacity of 15.5 kWh. This battery can be charged via a fast charging facility from 0 to 80 percent for 40 minutes and reaches 100 percent in 60 minutes. The distance is 234 kilometres, but when in stop-and-go conditions, it reaches 152 kilometres.

The advanced electric motor uses advanced features such as a 4.3-inch TFT Color Display screen with Bluetooth Connectivity to the driver’s Smartphone. This feature allows the driver to view navigation, telephone, and music while riding.


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