Lincoln debuts Star SUV Concept, promises four new luxury EVs by 2026

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Lincoln Debuts Star Suv Concept Promises Four New Luxury Evs By 2026

Following a shadowy teaser video earlier this month, Lincoln has officially unveiled a new all-electric SUV concept called the Star. During the global debut event in Los Angeles this evening, Lincoln shared its future electrification plans, explaining the Star Concept represents the brand’s vision for three Lincoln EVs arriving by 2025 and a fourth in 2026. A source close to the matter also let us know some of the new EV models Lincoln has planned.

Lincoln Motor Company is an American luxury automaker that has been wholly owned by Ford Motor Company since the 1920s. Originally recognized for luxury sedans like the Continental, Lincoln has more recently been associated with SUVs like the Aviator.

In fact, the Aviator and Corsair SUVs are currently available as PHEVs, although Lincoln does not have any BEVs to its name … at least not yet. Earlier this month, Lincoln blasted out a short video to its social media channels teasing a new SUV Concept.

Aside from a couple shadowy images of the EV’s silhouette, Lincoln didn’t share much else, other than that we would learn more on April 20. Well, here we are on 4/20, and Lincoln has unveiled the Star Concept alongside plans for multiple EVs that will see production in the next few years.


Lincoln’s Concept looks cool, but what about those other EVs?

Following the global debut event we attended in Los Angeles, Lincoln shared additional details of its plans for EVs in a press release, as well as images of the Star Concept.

Since this is merely a concept, we don’t have any specs, but the Star does represent the design language we can expect to see in future production models from Lincoln as “digital assistants.” You can check out some of the cool design features in the video below.

Some key features on the Lincoln Star Concept SUV:

  • The concept uses design, light, displays, scents, and sounds to create an immersive experience for its occupants (see video).
  • Lincoln’s new Intelligence System enables connected vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure capabilities and driver-assist features like “Help Me See” and “Park for Me.”
  • The cabin features extra-spacious wraparound seating, reclined lounge posture, individual lounge leg rests, and storage for devices and slippers.
  • There are controls for three rejuvenation moods and a glass beverage chiller between the back seats.
  • A “coast-to-coast” curved horizontal display offers a digital panorama in which content flows seamlessly into an integrated center control screen, then onto the second-row screen.
  • There’s a frunk with electro-chromatic glass that changes from transparent to opaque.

Multiple executives from Ford and Lincoln had plenty to say about the Star Concept and some of its technology that will be present in future EVs, but Lincoln president Joy Falotico said it best (sorry Mr. Farley):

As Lincoln enters the next chapter in our transition to a zero-emissions future, the Lincoln Star Concept will lead the way for our portfolio of fully electric vehicles. It is an excellent example of how we are redefining luxury for the next generation as we work to transform the vehicle into a third space – a true place of sanctuary – for our clients.

Lincoln’s global sales were up 7% in 2021, the automaker’s best report card in 21 years. According to the American automaker, it looks to build off this momentum and expects to make over half its global volume all electric by 2025. But what EVs can we expect from Lincoln?

A source with knowledge on the matter told Electrek that two of the four planned EVs from Lincoln will arrive within months of one another and will be fully electric versions of the Aviator and Corsair.

According to the source, the three-row Aviator EV is scheduled to begin production in December of 2024, followed by the Corsair EV in February of 2025. We learned that the third electric Lincoln will in fact be the Navigator, presumably the 2026 model coinciding with the launch of the TE1 architecture which will also sit beneath the 2nd generation Ford F-150 Lightning.

The source could not account for what the fourth Lincoln EV could be, saying that it might be exclusive the the Chinese market, although that has not been confirmed.

When the Aviator, Corsair or Navigator EVs will begin deliveries, remains unclear. In the meantime, check out this cool video of the Star Concept:

Source: electrek

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