Light painting with an instant camera? The Polaroid Now+ changes the game!

The new Polaroid Now+ is the most advanced Polaroid ever, with aperture priority, tripod mode, filters and even a lens cap!

by 9SIX

Polaroid has announced its most advanced, most creative camera ever: the Polaroid Now+, a fully analogue instant camera that’s also fully controllable, with aperture priority and manual exposure modes that even make light painting possible.

The Polaroid Now+ is the next-generation version of the Polaroid Now (already one of the best Polaroid cameras), which connects via Bluetooth to the upgraded Polaroid app – opening a world of creative control options via your smartphone.
For the first time ever, a Polaroid camera has a dedicated Aperture Priority mode along with a Tripod mode – which complements the tripod mount, new to the Now range. It also features advanced functions such as Portrait, Manual, Self Timer, Light Painting and Double Exposure, all of which are controlled via simple

In addition to these digital tricks, though, the Now+ comes with some physical creativity options, including a set of five lens filters: red vignette, starburst, and blue, yellow and orange colored filters.

Some of the options available for Polaroid Now+ on the Polaroid app, including the new Aperture Priority mode

Not only do these filters enable you to saturate your colors, deepen contrast and add even more creative effects, they even come included with their own carry case. And you also get a lens cap for the Polaroid Now+ camera itself!

“We designed the Now+ to help people take their creativity further,” said Ignacio Germade, Polaroid’s Chief Design Officer. “The Polaroid app is redesigned from the ground up including new modes and a streamlined interface.

“We’ve integrated the camera’s light sensor into the lens stage to enhance the performance of the different filters included with the camera and updated the design language to the one introduced on the Now and the Go. The seasonal Blue Gray colorway is calmer and more mature, making it the most elegant Polaroid camera to date.”

It’s been a busy year for Polaroid, which back in April launched the brilliant pocket-sized Polaroid Go and accompanying new small format film as a direct competitor to Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11.

The Polaroid Now+ is available in Blue Gray (exclusively from, White, and Black for $149.99 / £139.99 / AU$329.95. It accepts standard Polaroid i-Type film. We’ve been testing the camera extensively and can confirm that it’s the best Polaroid we’ve ever used – our full review will follow soon!

Source: digitalcameraworld

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