Jetson unveils its single-seat ONE eVTOL vehicle ahead of limited 2022 production

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Swedish eVTOL startup Jetson has officially unveiled its Jetson ONE personal electric aerial vehicle. After a successful prototype in 2018, Jetson has created a consumer-grade version of the ONE eVTOL that has already sold out its limited production run for 2022 and is now taking orders for 2023.

Jetson is a Swedish startup founded by Peter Ternstrom and Tomasz Patan in 2017 that specializes in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

The global industry for eVTOL technology and commercial aerial transportation has over 150 different companies developing their own “flying cars,” but nearly all of them remain in the development stage.

We’ve previously covered other eVTOL vehicles like HT Aero’s X2 and Volocopter, who have shown proof of concepts but have yet to deliver any of their vehicles to consumers.

With its latest announcement, Jetson hopes to bring its new ONE personal electric aerial vehicle to customers in 2022.

Jetson ONE Flying

Jetson ONE Closeup

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Jetson unveils collapsible, single-passenger ONE eVTOL vehicle

In a recent press release coinciding with an Instagram post, Jetson has officially launched the Jetson ONE eVTOL aerial vehicle.

This single passenger vessel consists of an all-aluminum airframe chassis that houses a high discharge Lithium-Ion battery capable of a max output of 88 kW. At 86 kg (190 lbs), the Jetson ONE is also collapsible to 90 cm (35.5 in) wide when not in use.

Jetson Founder and Technical Director Tomasz Patan spoke about the design that went into the production version of the Jetson ONE:

The Jetson ONE is built around a rigid aluminum space frame with eight powerful electric motors.  It utilizes composite carbon fibre and cutting-edge 3D printed components, making it an extremely lightweight design.  It is also equipped with many safety features including a redundant propulsion system and a ballistic parachute.  It is a dream to fly.

Additionally, the Jetson ONE is equipped with LiDAR sensors that drive terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance.

When the first Jetson ONE’s make their way to customers next year, they will see flight times of 20 minutes (85kg /187 lbs pilot weight) and will be able to fly at a top speed of 102 km/h (63mph). The top speed on the ONE is currently computer limited.

Co-founder Peter Ternstrom spoke about the Jetson’s goals now that its flagship eVTOL has officially launched:

Our mission is to make flight available to everyone. The Jetson ONE is an electric helicopter that you can own and fly.  We intend to make everyone a pilot.

A dozen customers around the world will become the first Jetson ONE eVTOL pilots next year, as the company is initially rolling out 12 chassis in 2022, all of which have been reserved.

Jetson is currently offering five more Jetson ONE chassis for its 2023 production schedule, two of which have already been reserved.

Production on the 2022 Jetson ONE vehicles is scheduled to begin next summer, with deliveries to follow in the fall. Check out the official ONE launch video from Jetson below:

Source: electrek

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