Jaguar introduces premium ‘Black Pack’ option for I-Pace with gloss black 22″wheels, rear spoiler, air suspension, and Amazon Alexa

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Jaguar Introduces Premium Black Pack Option For I Pace With Gloss Black 22″wheels Rear Spoiler Air Suspension And Amazon Alexa

Jaguar has shared a new premium upgrade option to its I-Pace electric SUV that delivers gloss black finishes to much of its exterior, in addition to a rear spoiler and air suspension. Furthermore, Amazon Alexa voice control has now been integrated into Jaguar vehicles, beginning with the I-Pace.

Jaguar’s I-Pace is an all-electric SUV that debuted in 2018. The EV continues to grow as a viable all-electric option in Europe and North America and is a huge part of Jaguar’s quest to be all-electric from 2025 onward. Jaguar Land Rover as a whole, also plans to be an entirely net-zero business by 2039.

While Land Rover has delivered a slew of electric versions of its vehicles, the I-Pace remains the only electrified model under the Jaguar marque, unless you count the F-Pace PHEV. Regardless, the I-Pace has continued to evolve with new model years and less expensive trims.

It was even tapped to tow Rolls Royce electric planes, and transported world leaders at the UN Climate summit last fall. With its latest announcement, current and future drivers of Jaguar’s EVs will be able to experience Amazon Alexa inside and out of their vehicle, alongside a sleek new premium package for the I-Pace.

Jaguar introduces Amazon Alexa into its infotainment system

Jaguar announced the new premium “Black Pack” upgrade today, along with the news of Alexa integration into I-Pace EVs with Pivi Pro, Jaguar’s connected infotainment system.

Following an over-the-air software update, I-Pace drivers will immediately have access to Alexa’s familiar voice as it controls various Pivi Pro functions. This includes navigation, media playback, phone calls, and compatible smart devices. Furthermore, you can control Alexa devices in your home from your EV, by asking Alexa to adjust your living room lights or temperature for example.

I-Pace drivers in the US and UK will also be able to check on their EV from anywhere using Jaguar Remote Skill on any Alexa-enabled device. Jaguar gave examples like checking an I-Pace’s level of charge or if the doors are locked or not.

According to Jaguar, over 55,000 I-Pace drivers have been offered the OTA update for Alexa. While Alexa will debut on the I-PACE, all new Jaguar models with Pivi Pro will come with Alexa. Speaking of new models, Jaguar has also introduced a new premium upgrade to the I-Pace that includes the following:

  • Gloss Black finish to the grill, grill surround, side window surrounds, door-mirror caps and rear badges
  • 22″ “Style 5056” split-spoke wheels finished in Gloss Black
  • Rear spoiler
  • Air suspension

Alexa is rolling out in OTA updates now while the 2022 I-Pace models remain on sale from Jaguar. Check out the full Alexa introduction from Jaguar below:

Source: electrek

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