Is this converted electric Porsche 911 even better than the original?

by 9SIX
is-this-converted-electric-porsche- -even-better-than-the-original

I have a hunch that if you were to ask 100 random petrolheads which ICE car would be the most sacrilegious to convert to electric, there would be one overwhelmingly popular answer. A few would perhaps select some naturally aspirated Lambo or Ferrari, but the rest, without hesitation, would surely name the Porsche 911.

[This is part of an ongoing collaboration between Electrek and Fully Charged.]

Everrati Signature

There are two reasons for this. One, the 911 is the driver’s car. It is the benchmark by which all other sports cars – and indeed most supercars – are measured, and has been for for the last six-odd decades. You don’t try to “improve” a 911. Two, there is perhaps no other car whose combustion engine – and indeed the positioning of that engine – is so intrinsic to its identity and handling characteristics.

And funnily enough, that seems to be precisely why the chaps at Everrati – a UK-based specialist in high-end EV conversion and restomodding – have cheerfully selected the iconic 964-generation 911 as their first major undertaking. You’ve got to admire the confidence – tackling the 911 for your first EV build is a bit like taking up writing as a hobby and then immediately attempting to redraft the Bible.

But there is method in the madness. Because Everrati’s mission as a company is to “Future-proof” some of the most iconic ICE classics. Yes, they want to make them electric, but they want to do so without harming or changing the personalities of the cars they work on. And if they can pull that off with the infamously idiosyncratic, and utterly unique 911, it’s proof they can do it with just about anything.

So – have they pulled off the impossible? Is it even possible to turn a 30-year-old sports car into an EV with modern components and double the power, all while retaining its essence? Check out the video below to find out.

Source: electrek

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