iPhone 13 series still has only one biometric method

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Last year’s coronavirus pandemic scrutinized the usefulness of Apple’s only biometric method. For the last few years, Apple iPhones only support Face ID unlocking. However, unlocking the iPhone became a problem because the virus always requires you to wear a mask. With the mask on Face ID function Will not work. Apple later designed a new feature that allows users to quickly unlock their iPhone while wearing a mask. This feature allows Apple to unlock the phone in seconds while wearing a mask, but not all iPhone users have an Apple Watch. Therefore, most Apple users are looking forward to the early reintroduction of Touch ID functionality.Of course, most Apple Fans are expecting Touch ID for the iPhone 13.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the Apple iPhone 13 series is likely to use Touch ID fingerprint technology. The report also claims that the latest flagship iPhone uses both Face ID and Touch ID dual authentication. Apple has certainly registered a number of bottom-screen Touch ID technology patents in the last six months. However, the latest reports are not what many iPhone users want to hear.

Touch ID won’t come back soon

Apple may report that Touch ID won’t be returned to the iPhone so quickly. A well-known leaker, Mark Gurman, reveals that Apple’s iPhone 13 series still has only one biometric method. This single biometric method is Face ID.

He emphasized that: “Apple has tested the fingerprints at the bottom of the screen on this year’s device, but this feature may not be visible on this generation of iPhones.”

At present, pandemics continue in parts of the world. In the current situation, iPhone only supports unlocking “Face ID” and password. This significantly reduces the unlocking experience for consumers in some regions.

Relatively speaking, multiple unlocking methods such as 3D face unlock + fingerprint unlock + password unlock greatly unlock the user’s unlocking scene, giving the user the freedom to unlock in different scenarios. You can now select.

Despite the lack of this feature, the iPhone 13 series still has some major upgrades. For example, the company will significantly improve the camera configuration. It also improves lens stability and nighttime image processing capabilities. In addition, the device will be the first to feature a 120Hz high refresh rate screen. Also, all series come with a higher battery.

In addition, Mark Gurman claims that the iPhone 13 will officially arrive in mid-September. These new iPhones have smaller notches

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