iPhone 12 Pro Max Dominates U.S. iPhone Sales Chart for Q3; iPhone 12 mini Had the Smallest Share

by 9SIX
iphone- -pro-max-dominates-us-iphone-sales-chart-for-q -iphone- -mini-had-the-smallest-share

For the quarter ending June 2021, U.S. iPhone sales were dominated by none other than Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 12 series. However, out of the four models, the biggest member, the iPhone 12 Pro Max had the highest market share, while unsurprisingly, the iPhone 12 mini was dead last.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Was Tied With iPhone 11 for the Highest Market Share for U.S. iPhone Sales

The latest data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shows that Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup accounted for 63 percent of all iPhone sales for the third quarter. Both the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11 were tied for being the most popular iPhone version in this quarter with a 23 percent market. Sadly, poor sales of the iPhone 12 mini means it garnered an unflattering 5 percent market share, the same as the 2018 iPhone XR.

The poor reception of the iPhone 12 mini is proof enough why Apple is reported to ax the ‘mini’ variant, focusing on larger screen versions instead to boost sales. The CIRP also highlights that consumers were not willing to upgrade their older iPhones. In the same quarter, 37 percent of buyers were in possession of devices that were two years old or less, while 30 percent of previous-generation models had been in ownership for three years or more.

For the iPhone 13 launch, which is reportedly taking place in the third week of September, Apple expects higher demand than the iPhone 12 series. The company has apparently been in talks with suppliers to increase iPhone 13 production by 20 percent, with shipment estimates expected to reach 90 million units of the newer models, compared to 75 million units of the iPhone 12 family last year.

These estimates suggest that the iPhone 13 could account for a higher market share for U.S. iPhone sales for future quarters, but we will see how these new four models fare and update our readers accordingly, next year.

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